Blurred Facts

Yesterday while reading post on Facebook, the words about greener pasture appeared ….life is not always about fun,or easier,or free….I wrote the following under the comment on Facebook ….

“OK Here goes……greener grass just means you have to cut and tend it more … it’s a lot of hard work on both sides of the damn fence….neither side of the fence is easy ….both sides are work …work…work and never ever easy nor even as beautiful as it may seems….pick a side or tear down the fence …but just know neither side is easy” …..By Rebecca

Like the blurred picture above …if you want the greener grass you have to work at it ….the photo was one really out of focus photos of the night but by not giving up on it …there was still enough of the subject to pull off a semi photo to remember the night …

If one wants things to get better in life all one has to do is change their attitude and thought pattern …will it be easy NO !!!!but it will be interesting getting there …..blurred …out of focus….different thoughts are now back out the door to find more of the same ……have a blessed day of fun finding your way to the other side of the greener pastures ……..


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