Stepping Out

Sometimes life is all about stepping out …like the moose in the photos …it is all about hungry …learning to step forward and gather what is yours for the taking ….pass few days all the hoopla whether a stay at home mom is worthy of being a part of the world and is capable of understanding things of the world …wow again we step back instead of forward all because we listen to all the silliness of the media . … making another law to cover the ones already on the books …because we must make things safe…..we must learn to take care of ourselves not depend on a law …step fourth …with bold steps and do what is right …continue to do the right thing ….live life with honest steps ….steps tested and true ….each step the two moose took to reach the goal of the willow buds was tested on the rotting snow …each time they fell through they battled back and took yet another tested step forward….it was life in the happening it was about setting a goal and traveling toward it no matter what ……the rule was not to give up ..continue forward to do it again and again til the goal was reached .. the only law on the tundra was the law of trying …there was no cleared snow path …it was life it was spring thaw it was nature at it’s worst ….. hungry was the driving force……we need to get hungry matter what your childhood was about or what terrible things happen in your childhood …you made it to adulthood and you are now responsible to travel forward and set goals to make sure others see you trying to do your best ….

They came out of the woods step by step ..testing as they took each step ….

each step making the goal come closer

closer still but not yet there

We each reach the goal at a different rate and different way …but we reach to goal …we were hungry enough to get there …..

Year after year the moose still appears…because the mother teaches the young how to survive …where to go …what to eat….how to test the things around them…..use these methods in your life …test the air you breathe…test the step you take…test the feeling you have….test…. test… test… them test again ….


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