From Here To There #2

Three times today I have tried to post ..hope this time works….
April 20 th was my 61st Birthday …we had planned for days ahead what we would do …everyone…. I mean everyone seem to want to spoil it ….things are about to change big time and everything has to be done with precise timing ….and the eve before my birthday people began to change things and times …. so that put me in about the same mood as learning a new way to post here….it almost spoiled my day because my mood was not good…I was a total grumpy attitude…I had wanted to leave early …. o dark early….. it was well pass 9 a.m. before we were on the road …but we managed to get on road with my grumpy mood we had to stop at store for our planned day food …..but hubby decided that there would be no junk food but he did buy flowers and a card ….flowers were beautiful but i do not like cut flowers they die to quick and now days have no smell….but they were pretty and the thought was great….but it meant we had to turn around and go back hoe to put them in water..again we are pushing time….on the road again attitude not getting any better…keep telling self change you attitude or just turn around ….pick up camera and battery on Nikon d40 is low really low ….and new camera is locking up each time I turn it on ….we make it to Delta ..then Donnely Dome …we see a little cross fox but it was quicker then me….I am trying to change my attitude but it is not easy …we have missed the golden hour of animals maybe on the way back ….the weather is beautiful and the winds are only small off the snow surface….around rainbow pass we see a wolf but again my camera and me are not fast enough ….this is not what i planned ..i wanted to stop and try different things on my new camera but it is not in the plans….it was suppose to be a day or fun and slow times…even though hubby took many …many naps it was not what i had envisioned ….my tude was not changing fast enough …oh well bologna sandwiches and Dr.Pepper and stale coffee and now no a over night trip ….We make it to Paxson and turn to go down the highway …big flashing sign …road closed …we ask and are told road is closed two miles after Tangle Lake…so we decide to drive to that point……still no animals then we turn around and begin to see wonderful views……here are a few views and a few animals of the day


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