Day with Friend

Vicky emailed me….. asks if I wanted to go out to her cabin …..YES…. YES …I am always ready to not work or think about work …off we go and one of the first shots was the young moose below …she is shedding winter coat and one can see she lost a lot of muscle over the winter …but good news she still is here and feeding on new food full of things she needs

The following mud shot was just an awesome find …the ripples were so beautiful in the sunlight …even though it does not have the same feel in the photo …when I look at it i see the beauty of the minute …

The above photo was of a pond we stopped at because of another moose …..because we missed the moose shot I am thinking maybe the universe wanted us to see the beautiful water reflections…..some times it is not the destination but the things one see while getting there ……

The photo of the bridge was taken at Vicky’s cabin …..some day I am going to walk the other side of creek and take a different angle…..
well got to end my lens travel today ..I am making list and crossing off things trying to get ready to leave for a few days in heaven ….Oh I forgot we did not get the camper……. so maybe it will not be heaven …. but I will try to get here ….back to list …… other things to do before we go …..


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