Flipping WEATHER

All excited packing for the trip…kept telling self not get excited …..this is going to be work and you know it …and it was…hate when I am right ….first it was suppose to be a get away for me and better half …but better half needed a fishing buddy and invited a new friend….. more food and more thought into trip planning …Lots of road construction between here and there…but everything in its own timing….of course we never stopped for any of the animals we saw because we had a plan …well they had a plan….one day …one day ….. any way here are a few of the photos I managed to take around camp …..I learn to use my wide-angle/macro converter lens and did find time to play with tripod ..when I wasn’t cooking or cleaning up around camp….oh yeah we had every type of weather one needed to feel and see on a camping trip….

this is what our camp site looked like …the new friend slept in his car ..wasn’t really into camping …….

above is the view out our screened in camp kitchen area…..

above photo was taken using new lens .. we were on our way home ..of course now we can not stop for better shots because we must get home…some day I will be able to do this my way…see something you want to shoot with camera..stop auto ..get out take shot seen ….even if it takes a little while ..sit and decide if you have gotten the shot you saw when you stopped …get back in auto and move on ALL WE HAVE IS TIME


yet another view of the area using a tripod while at the camp site

hand-held macro of willow leaf budding out …..

macro of grass seed head of last fall…also handheld…..

One of the many many clouds that appeared with each weather changes…snow,sleet,hail,and sunny skies …off now to clean house …..so I can get ready for another trip….


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tina Gilbreath Creek
    Jun 06, 2012 @ 15:06:56

    I think they are beautiful shots.


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