What are FRIENDS ?

Last night on Facebook my brother wrote the following

A house is not always a home. A marriage is not always a relationship. Money does not mean you are wealthy. And those that judge should sweep their own porch before telling others what needs to be cleaned up in their lives. Just my thoughts before I lay down.

~Leslie Seay ~

I in turn being the big Sister wrote the following
A house is just a building …but one can make it a HOME but only if they so desire..it is not easy and there is no magic……. Marriage is a 24/7/365 life JOB all involved must learn to dance the dance and bend with the winds no matter how strong….Judging is done all the time by all even babies judge and complain…it is how you use the complaint and what you make of the cry of those judging ..I find that all porches need sweeping everyday …Learn to go either with the flow or make enough strong winds and create your own flow …and don’t forget to sweep the front and back porch …love Sis

We both got a laugh out of the time …see we are not only brother and sister ….we are friends ..friends that shared soggy biscuits as we grew up together but who also shared blows of fist and words….
In my life I have had very few close friends but the few I have had are always there when one is in need …My photos today were taken when My camera carrying friends and myself went out on a cold spring day …and one photo of my brother taken on one of our trips together after our mother passed away … my best friend every
I titled this on Friends Forever…Maybe it should be called I have your back

Titled Tower Of Hiding Places…..every friend needs a place to hide their thoughts….

Titled …Oh MY BEARS and ……

Then there is my baby brother who makes me think daily and love harder than ever any one can …sweep the porch bubby sweep the porch


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