Waiting Game

The road trip was the last one for the season …trying to beat the seasonal changes in Alaska…not knowing how far one would get and what one would see along the way…..the first sixty miles were dry roads and just an occasional pot hole … herds and herds of migrating caribou …young eagles , every now and then a swan or crane…snow at many levels on the surrounding mountains ….well pass the fall colors in many places …the dreary browns of approaching winter had settled in all around….then we cross the last big river crossing …. the snow lay all about but not enough to make one turn back…..forward we go finding every pothole and washboard ridges from the very pits of hell… beating the kinks from any mans back…. but we push forward as to turn back now would be silly …we are so close to making it all the way one last time ….then we round the curve in the road and this is what we find…….

take notice to how deep the CAT is ……

the seasonal rains or gully washers had taken the road out at this spot …and three other spots along the road…this was the last repair job on the road and we had come to the last of their work for the day …we told the m the road was closing in with snow behind us ..they decided to finish one side so we could continue ….so we sat waiting for man to rebuild the road …

we made jokes about they were using CATS and DOGS to build back the Denali Highway ….ate bologna sandwiches and cookies and drank last of coffee….little over hour and half and we would continue ..

truck load after truck load of dirt and gravel as the CAT appear higher and higher from the pit as the road began to take back form….

This road crew were working hard and steady to get one lane open before quitting time ……it was like watching TV through the truck windshield…..only real …..


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