Dusty Days

All over this one’s house are little collections of memories…the above collection sits in a corner of kitchen window …yes …yes many collections of dust and grease and dirt….why oh why do we humans do this to our selves….

did our relatives of the pass do this as well …how far back did we begin to sit up little collections and make it part of our surrounding …..then even do things like look for just the right add on to the collection …..

Did our forefathers and mothers pick up sticks and stones and carry them from place to place …not things of needs …but things of what if …wow how pretty ….when did it all begin in our lives….

well with all the above said and ask..I am off to play at shooting the lunar eclipse…while I am gone please know my mini collection are protected by dust bunnies and they are mean …so please feel free to feed them …but if you feed them know this ….they may follow you home in search of more collections to protect…..


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