Morn Of Lunar Eclipse


Wake up around 3 a.m. …..ready cameras …test batteries…ready tripod ….test how fast one can change tripod gear…only have one tripod but two cameras…. minus 34 degrees and slight wind ….so bright outside one can read a newspaper …..put on heavy coat and boats…still wearing flannel pj bottoms and flannel top …hat… ready….final time to start shooting …things are looking good through the viewer…..then it starts …the Lunar eclipse that is ….then first camera loses battery…..then remote won’t work…then tripod leg pops open and almost lose camera…decide enough is enough…come in to sun room and decide to take some last shots through patio door…..wishing I had taken them all through the patio door….

cold to the bone and beginning to feel the effects of the slight wind….yeap I am sick …stared with cough from the pits of the fire pits…then chills and fever and more cough and itchy eyes….oh yea I really want to shot another lunar eclipse….the really one good photo is the one with two moons..the bottom moon shows the true look of the moon at that point…after all the work and learning troubles a friend on Flickr from California says next time I try to shoot something like that …… try sitting up a mirror and capture the reflection of sun or moon then take the photo from the mirror at an angle so as not to be part of photo …thanks friend ….makes sense to me because of the double moon photo ….oh yeah thanks to a wonderful Husband that stayed with me every step of the way through the shooting and even when I was sick…..


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    Dec 11, 2012 @ 11:32:56

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