*Tis* the Season Of Un-reason

First I better place an Angel on this page for protection from all the hiss and boos!!!!!!

The little angel among the feathers was found by my daughter in law a few years back…She was at the dump …… looked up along the edge of the dumpster and there she sat the little Angel that is ….bright white and a little smudge of dirt on her …My daughter in law grabbed her and brought her home …cleaned her up and hot glued halo of pearls on her head…..brought her into my house and sat her on my table …saying here you go Mom ….found you another angel for your collection….. out of over 300 angels in my collection she is one of four that I would carry all over the world in my suitcase……

Now for why you might hiss and boo….I Hate Christmas.. it has never been my favorite holiday…even though my house will look like Christmas threw up with flu force by tomorrow evening I HATE CHRISTMAS..now with that said here is why …..I do not know when to stop … a craft mind meld takes over …. I can think of thousands of ways to decorate …. do not know when to stop….I refuse to go to town at this time of year without a list ….I only allow myself to get what is on the list …It drives me crazy the mere sound of seasonal music starts the flow of decorating flu fluids flowing …..I am a done for crazy person …yesterday I had to go to a craft store for one of things on my list …It was intolerable ….. so intolerable…my list melted in my hands …I broke out in a sweat ….the money on my credit card screamed to be released…I HATE CHRISTMAS……


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