Letter To Mom


Dear Mom
Hoping your new place of living quarters is to your liking …Just a little line to let you know that you were right Mom ….all the things we last talked about have come to light …you were so right in everything you said ,,,but then you knew each of us like little mini books on a shelf….each of of the chapters unfolding …. letter by letter ….you were so right about the action of each of us …down to who would crack first and who would drag the other into pain and sorry ….wow you are and always will be the mother that not only knows her flesh and blood born but the ones that you took under your wings to raise when needed….must say you had it all figured out in advance …you and dad were always on top of us kids even when we were not where your eyes could see us…I know now the old words says that mothers have eyes in the back of their heads is true…dads do as well but maybe not as keen as yours …you were so right on each one we talked about that day …it is still unfolding Mom ….I still hear your voice saying things I really did not want to hear …but I took it all in Mom …I did listen….I did hear ….I am trying to do what you said ….trying to following your directions to the letter….like you said there would be times I would make mistakes because I wanted to help them heal …that others would try to take things to the limit …that ones would suffer silent..that ones would never speak of you again….that some would never heal… it’s all coming to the light just you said it would take to happen ….we are on our second Christmas without you … it’s a little easier but it is harder not hearing your voice .. it’s really hard for the ones you said it would be…it is so hard to do things on the old list and when it comes to your name there is void that can never be filled ….but i don’t change the list and I don’t cross off your name I can not make myself do it …you said I would know ..that my heart would feel the lost you felt when your Mom passed…You were right Mom you were so right …I miss you more than life itself …but I watch and wait as you told me to do…I hope your eyes can read this Mom …because I am not sure how to address this to get it to heaven
Your daughter


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