Good Morning!!!! North Pole

Today a little good news on yesterdays drama …son’s first doctors appointment with referral is Jan 29th …..yea I know hurry up wait …been my story all my life…. at least it is a start…..yesterday hubby took me to the flood control area and we watched the sunrise …have to love sun rises in Alaska this time year… one can get up clean house …make breakfast…go shopping and still make the sunrise …but that is changing each day by the new seconds we gather ..

Years ago I told my husband when he was complaining about his pain …talking about not wanting to go on because of his aches ……. that I wanted to live to be 120 years old …….it has always been my dream…do not even know why …but of late with lost brother…granddaughter…father and mother in laws…..both fathers…. mother … and now two grown children with ills that could take them at any minute..I wonder if living pass all your love ones is a good thing …..but as strange as it sounds….. I still want to live to be 120… this morn a little story appeared on my Facebook page about a grandmother helping a granddaughter decide what type a person she wanted to be …..

the grand-daughter has complaints about not wanting to continue ..she wasn’t sure what to do …the grand mother takes out three pans …fills them all three with water…placing them the stove and turning up the heat …. the water begins to boil…in one she drops carrots…in another she places an egg…and in the third pot of boiling water she places some ground coffee beans…… after a while she tells the granddaughter to look and tell her which one she is she…..a carrot…an egg…or coffee… all three things went through the same treatment …extreme conditions….water….the carrots were hard going in but the extreme conditions made them soft and not as bright …..the egg was now hard-boiled it was once a thin shell protecting it soft interior but now it had become hard even its protective shell was cracked and peeling …..but the coffee beans even after grinding and extreme boiling bath it was different it had changed the water both the color and aroma of the water was changed … was to die for … today I feel like the carrot and egg but I want to be the coffee bean …I don’t want to give up on life because its throwing stuff at me and mine …I want to LIVE … to be 120 years and maybe a day … here is to more sunrises

and sunsets thank you ….


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  1. Livingood-pete
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 01:26:45

    The writing is great, you painted a picture and I found myself in it. But the philosophy of the frying pains was the ‘written’ icing on the cake…thank you for a great posting.


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