Shelved But Equal

Above the patio doorway is a dormer window …on the window shelf I have two very old German salt scales ….just another dust collecting treasures of our many years of gathering things… of the scales became my photo of the day …the challenge word was Equal


The first picture was the one ..the best of the many …it is straight out of camera with no changes …..

the above changes were to add a little darkness to the edge of the shot and a little shadow around wax fruit ….


Took away a little of the color to give it an antique look to the above photo….love how one photo can become so many different photos …equal but not …but the same no matter what ……

this shot was changed by using hdr  mode on the scale …almost a little too much  because there seem to be a blue hues in places  but all in all making it off scale brighter


As always I had to try a black and white of the photo ……because of all the colors …wanting to learn the gray-scale of the different tones in the shot …..


selective color is such a fun part of the change ….just capturing one color of the many on the scale….Equal is all in the beholders eyes  … from one photo it became many moods…but just as the quote says…

In the democracy of the dead all men at last are equal. There is neither rank nor station nor prerogative in the republic of the grave. ~John James Ingalls

…I am still standing ……


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