We Leave the Light On

Yes we leave the lights on in North Pole Alaska….this says a lot about our desire to find joy in the very dark days of winter ….across the street my neighbor still has the candles in the window lit every night ….it is probably due to grand children loving the light …or maybe they love seeing the color other than darkness …or the stark light of a porch light….

the black and white photo is proof of the dreary light that one can have here in the cold north …

the above shot shows the colors even in the morning light of North Pole Alaska …one can find joy in the little lights on a cold morn ..or a dark night

I am so thankful for all the people here in North Pole Alaska that leave the lights on year round … its something about the joyful tiny colors that seem to make life a joy in a very troubling world ….

May the lights continue to glow and share their beam of happiness for many more dark days …….I AM STILL HERE LORD……STANDING STILL I AM


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