The Thirds Of Lost

The challenge words are ***On The Thirds****…all about lining subject or cropping in such as to create more interest…not a hard rule in either sense…just another thing to make more interest….thought about all the things I could shoot for the quest …… decided instead to use a file photo….

The day I shot this …was waiting in truck for hubby …saw winter sun play along with the winds across the snow on the building ….funny thing was I was not seeing the building are anything in front of building …..Nope I was lost in the feel of the wind …snow ..light….the colors….reminded me of  the  nature of mountains and how they are whittled away by nature

Sitting here wondering why I keep having same dream over and over ….why I am up again at **O*DARK *THIRTY** …why I am always lost or losing something in my dreams …why at this hour I am getting ready to wash eggs for delivery …why this 365 is so important …why …why… STILL STANDING LORD.….I AM


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