** UNIQUE** Heartfelt Sentiments**

Word Challenges of the day are #1 UNIQUE for WordPress …#2 Heartfelt Sentiments for the 365 challenge …
..so decided to blend the two…..flying by seat of my big girl panties here … the 365 challenge was easy …the little monkey and the heart shaped box were my picks…both belonged to my mom and now reside in my curio cabinet ….love the little monkey he is light and flexible and can be wrapped around things ….sat him up on kitchen table with overhead light and wrapped his little arms around the box..the little heart shaped box is a paper craft that I did for my mom back a few years ago..
..not much can be done in early morn around here…this is best of ten shots….


For the word Unique….. picked the things I did yesterday around city of North Pole Alaska…we went to town to delivery eggs in Fairbanks …but along the way we stopped off in city of North Pole to mail things and pay bills….


while waiting in truck at post Office…… looked up ….saw the candy cane light pole still shinning ….decided with the frosted trees and blue morning sky it was worth a click on the camera…….


then while waiting in truck at mall parking lot…….. out of corner of my eyes caught the movement …..of a hardy Alaskan peddling around the snow covered parking lot at minus five degrees

…… was looking for a pop of red for a future word challenge ……. saw the Mr & Mrs Santa Clause in the window of one of our local government office windows

…we are a unique bunch here in Alaska for sure …never giving up on our happiness….STILL STANDING LORD !!!….I AM !!!….


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