A Pop Of RED

The challenge words were ****A POP OF RED **** again the many things around the house to shoot were large amounts of things…but while reading about the color red … decided to try a different type of shot …the results of the shot became my post ….for months been trying to catch the right light on a balance ring shot….here is my trip to the challenge photo …..

first my sit up was not fancy …matter fact it was a big laugh in the making …..fruit jar with tools inside (three screw drivers of different heights) …LED flashlight….white kitchen table ….over head light ..handheld camera….double sided tape… The Stone Edition of TANACH(because of style of print and paper )

The light was to high and pointed wrong……

you can see the tape here the ring fell over but the heart was formed …getting there …

stand ring ..adjust light getting there but not there yet….


adjust light again …step back and adjust lens…YES YES …hearts both from the light and the ring….

took shot into Picasa3 and played with selective color …POP OF RED……..Yes here was my challenge shot


Here is my husbands favorite capture …all the color and hearts made him asks for a print ….



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