In The Garage

Challenge words ..In The Garage.…hardest challenge yet …not because I could not find the garage …but because it was just to sad……. we are down to three tools ….. they are cheap tools….when we started our business started in an old wooden garage …. with no floors …only an old wood stove for heat with …..lasted almost three years before a worker over built a fire in stove and burnt the shop to ground….lot of people would have ended the business and ran with money … not us…too much into the art of the bowls and other items we made….so we rebuilt the shop and the business…almost 25 years of wooden bowls … then could not keep workers … not even part-time …then wood cutters could not provide us wood because they could not get permits…then we could not afford to produce bowl…because of paying unemployment and workman comp and insurance … dream was over ….. so it was really hard to walk into the cold shop and take this photo… we were waiting for spring to revamp old shop …..


the young man who had bought all the tools and supplies of old business….. had left a real mess from all his learning he did under my husbands teaching … so today’s photo was indeed hard …..but life goes on …….
STILL STANDING LORD….Still standing I AM…..
P.S. Happy Birthday Mom …I know the streets of heaven
are brighter today because it is your birthday …


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  1. Pete
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 05:33:55

    To accept the pitfalls of life and move on requires a strong will and a solid faith, remembering it is ‘his will be done’.


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