****CELEBRATE ****

Challenge word is ****CELEBRATE**** meaning to observe an occasion with appropriate ceremony or festivity


took a quick photo of things that one might find around here in next few days ….carrying the candy with us today to celebrate after the test are over…. yesterday was a nightmare in many ways but we made it through it ….we waited all morning for the call telling us when the test would be today …they called thirty minutes after he started the prep only to tell us the test would not start till after 2 pm…oh yeah 72 hours instead of 48 without food or meds for pain ….thank you ……daughters little Pomeranian started having seizures…we were all wigged out over that ….son came by to talk about all his medical test ….why are we celebrating again …oh Yeah STILL STANDING LORD ***THANK YOU LORD ****I AM STILL STANDING


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