Another not what first came to mind…..the challenge word is ***Swing ***… the meaning is back and fourth movement in a pattern….hummmm????…I thought about all the things that swing in some type of timed movement …. child’s swing,porch swing,pendulum on clock…..went with clock …. okay really thought the shoot was about the word … Nope …Nope the shoot was about shooting Silhouettes and she had picked a shot of her son on a swing in the summer light …close but no cigar…..back to drawing board



So trying to keep with the one theme of the love month of February … pulled down my heart-shaped heart clock which happens to have a pendulum….. sat it on a table with light coming through the door behind it …..our winter light was not quite bright enough so had to play around in photo program … decide it needed just a little pop …so used selective color and just highlighted pendulum…..


Lord after yesterday just want you to know STILL STANDING HERE LORD ….I AM

P.S. For all that have followed my many worries about driving the super duty truck that…. have not driven since summer… managed to drive hubby home …managed to maintain 55 in slow lane on the icy roads and only had a few dozen angry people and cars behind me ….son says it is okay because the slower you go the more greetings and hand waves you receive …..made it home safe and sound and did not hurt hubby’s truck….


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