First I am a day behind …Sorry…promised myself …I would not fall back into not posting …but things happen…..so  the challenge words   are Pride  and Emotion….

Pride that dines on vanity, sups on contempt.  ~Benjamin Franklin

Pride does not wish to owe and vanity does not wish to pay.  ~François de la Rochefoucauld

Pride was easy …thought about flags or something new ….wanted to go over in North Pole at night and take photo of the large flag with night lights …but didn’t ….but it seems over done ….thought it was best to wait and see what came from trip to town….
after getting to town found another form of Pride….on the river ice was the finish gate for the dog race …..DSC_0024

All the people and companies that back the race ….their colorful signs were brighter against overcast winter sky …the x’s and o’s scrapped out of the frosted river bank walls…Pride of a group of hardy Alaskans …

The finest emotion of which we are capable is the mystic emotion.  ~Albert Einstein

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.  ~Dale Carnegie

Emotion was a little harder ..thought about my phone camera self-portrait ..took it the day of my husbands surgery…while waiting to leave the morning of his surgery….was trying to learn about the camera phone and how to use the many things you can do to edit photo on the phone …the emotion was one of learning ….


but wait …while walking along the riverbank we came upon …a man on a snow machine who drove down the frozen river …then we heard his machine die …when we walked pass him ….the emotions were not spoken but the body motions were true form of angry ….he would try to start it only to have it die…..he was still there when we returned from our search for more photos…to cold for a break down but at least he was near many building to seek help….


Thank you Vicky for the nice get away from the house …. all the fun of sliding around town on icy roads…..all the chat time…all the emotions shared and not shared …



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