The prompt said:

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

Same dream or nightmare every time just different players ….always a large group people …. some times family sometimes strangers with few close friends thrown in for good measure….always something like a group meeting of either family reunion or public gathering …like a movie being directed …… things are played out …. everything is happy and bright and going as planned ……then BAM!! its time to leave ……can not leave because …..I either am running around looking for my baggage and belongings or I have lost my IDs and money….always wake up crying or screaming for help…. always seems happens after dealing with family or friends ……

What do you think it meant?

Think it is about not having a true identity … have a lot of name tags lying around house saying who I was at said event ……..even have an old school id card but none of them are me or who I think I am


…thinking as soon as I get this straight in my soul maybe dreams will stop


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