Moon Over North Pole Alaska

The Challenge was “FRAMED”…it was an easy one after walking into the sun room of our house…just had to think real fast about tripod use also if it could be done with out remote(yes silly remote was hiding again)…have to remember to always put it back in same place…..


the above was handheld shot ..was afraid it would be missed because at this time of morn the moon moves real fast and does not wait on any silly camera set up … the many framing areas ….doorway of kitchen…. pillars of support …window seal…window
by this photo the tripod is working and the moon is still there….all the shots are straight out of camera…all changes were made inside camera… .

been working on rental room …first time in a long while it needed to be rented again…cleaned and moved and added a few things placed ad thinking we would have a few weeks before we saw results…Oh my goodness how fast things move lately…it rented very day of ad placement …new renter moving in tomorrow …DSC_0110

just like the changes of the moon and clouds in these shots …life around our house is changing daily…son and daughter still ill but each is still here and life still goes forward…scary thing knowing those you love are ill and you can not change it…when they were young you could kiss the boo boos and things were better at least to the minute…but life takes on a new feel when it is not longer possible to kiss away pain and fear…


right after the above photo the moon just dropped out of frame and deep into the clouds …..STILL STANDING HERE LORD…..I AM STILL STANDING….


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