Time Travel Through Smell

Awoke this morn to flash back both of yesterday and yesteryear…brought on by the sweet smells in our sunroom ….. friend Vicky came and got me yesterday to go out for girl time and to capture some new photos for the photo groups we both belong to …..while we were out Vicky wanted to stop …good comes from stopping..I found photos for all the group challenges…and in the process I got a few awesome gifts and memories…


When she came out of the store ..they were in boxes surrounded with green tissue and enclosed in plastic …… we drove home chatting and laughing and gathering sharing camera and Flickr info ….she helped me carry the gifts inside ……


…When I finally got everything done …answering phone messages…walking daughters puppy….I opened the flowers….and stood there as the smell over took my senses…….wow what a travel back in time….I was back a little girl in my grand mothers flower garden…..it was spring time and everything was greening up in the south …buttercups.and peach trees and plum and apple trees …. every flower my grand mother and father had planted in her private flower garden came to mind and smell…. we were never permitted to pick the flowers but we could lie on the ground real close to the blooms and smell to our hearts desire ….. and when my grandmother felt the earth had enjoyed the flower enough she would cut them and fill every mason jar in the house with flowers of everything blooming even a few twigs off the trees…


For a good week the house would smell of spring … then the petals would begin to fall and my grandfather would begin to complain but ….but for that week it was sweet and beautiful in side ….and we didn’t have to lie on the ground to enjoy the flowers and smells …. the trip took me so many places .. remembering my father and mother and grandmother working the garden and waiting for the mailman to bring the bulbs that they had ordered from the back of county news letters and the newspaper….

…my Uncle Jimmy was part of my memory travels yesterday ….he worked for a group that took care of gardens in the local cemeteries…one of his jobs was to thin bulb gardens …every time he did he brought the excess bulbs to my grandmother….. he drove into my grandmother drive one year in a really big truck and in the back of the truck were bulbs and plants of every size and description….. he not only brought bulbs he had brought a tiller ….. he got out of the truck …… him … my father and grandmother spent the whole day planting every thing .. we had grand maws biscuits and honey and drank sweet tea and got dirty in the fresh turned soil….then the next year at Easter everything bloomed it was heaven …pure heaven…..STILL STANDING LORD…thanks to great friend and Awesome memories …I AM STILL STANDING LORD


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