Into The Woods

The challenge was Lost in the woods…… Vicky called to see if I wanted to go take photos ….YES!!! …Yes!! .. had a list of photos to try to capture ….the following shot are of the adventure to capture the challenge lost in the woods …seems like a real adventure for Vicky and I to capture a sunny day for photos …we always end up chasing the sun in our adventures…this day….. the sun was bright on the snow when Vicky called…. but by the time we got going …the grey clouds and snow were back…we could see the sun with a cloud veil across her face …but the stark drab colors of winter is what we kept shooting….but that worked well for the lost feeling in the woods …..finding the right woods was next …getting into the woods was another adventure…..what sometimes looks like smooth walking is waist deep and wet and cold….

as we crossed the foot bridge and entry the woods ..Vicky was ahead of me … waited for her to come back into view through the tree branches ….

walked across path and shot down through the birch trees along the slough …the above shot is untouched but next shot of spot is first shot playing with selective color ….the one red spot is the color of the peeling paperbark of the birch tree….

moving down the path …one could tell the wind had not been blowing in this area because of the weighed
down limbs of young birch trees….



Then Vicky appeared back on the path and I captured a few shoot of her

first by changing it to black and white and darkening the edges gave it a lost feeling … then I just did a selective color by just coloring the hat area…. all in all the day was a blast of fun and a cool adventure with a friend ….

off to gather more papers for tax time…… but maybe another adventure soon …STILL STANDING LORD…..I AM STILL STANDING


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