Women in My Life ..part 2

There are so many women that have shaped my life …….from my mother to my mother in law…each having taught me so many things …..each had a special way of teaching and sharing …from rocking a baby and singing or fishing on a pond …in and out of my life by distance but always a heart beat close …here are my favorite photo of each …


my mother out and having a great day with her granddaughter…never afraid to try something new ….

Jerles 002

my grandmother smiling because her son was taking her photo …taught me to whistle…..plant and pick fruit and vegetables..cut firewood ..build a fire …and love with all your heart…


my grandmother from my father’s side of family …same hands that could spank your little bottom could yank you up into her arms for a hug out of this world…..


then there was my mother in law….taught me family …truth…and was never afraid to voice her thoughts and never afraid to learn something new…..
All of my family women here have passed from this world …..but their teaching still strives ..and endures ….
Still standing Lord ….I AM STILL STANDING …..may have a few tears from all the memories today but I AM STILL STANDING


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