Women In My Life …. Part 1……

Sometimes you just meet some exciting women in your life ..there are two exciting women in my life  at this time they keep me excited and challenged with their love of life …the main thing we have in common is our cameras and the hungry to capture things…camera have been a big part of all three of our lives …since  we met  through Flickr  we have traveled together and taken picture of the same  view from different angles. scarp booked ,crafted, taken coffee at local stores… searched together for the light both through photos and life …we are not afraid to laugh ..cry .. voice our opinions..or even take photos of each other…through our lens we capture the world  and our lives …here are a few of our captures

Becky, Shelly, Vicky 2

playing dress up at local museum


freezing our footsie off at local ice carving event …..


Vicky capturing sunlit mountain on a trip we took together last summer

Shelly resting in sun after having to take medicine for allergy on our trip…


together we are a friendly  and exciting force of Women Power….




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