Women in My Life ..part3

here are the two women in my life that tore at my heart and very being …I grew each day with their learning …from carrying them under my heart to teaching them right from wrong….my two women are my daughters Jerrie and Teressa …watching them grow from babies to young women of the world…..

daughter Jerrie Lynn...what did we do to you as a first-born …proud of you so much you carried both your parents names as your name oh what did we do but look at you what an awesome young woman …adventurer and teacher and lover of life and learning …..lover of nature and the great outdoors …

photo (5)

daughter Teressa Ann ….blonde ..out going young woman ….loves life as much as her sister .. teaching others…. learning everything she can …never fearing the next thing coming her way….lover of the sounds of nature and life …..


my camera had a beautiful set of young women as their first captures ……



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