First Real PHOTO Request

One of the neighbors called to asks if I would come over and use their camera phone and take some family photos of their Memorial Day get together…did them one better took my cameras and went over to get as many shots as I could…filled up two disks …..of course the Alaska sun was way bright and hot …. here is one of three of my special picks

I came home and cropped and took out as much shadows as possible ..and make three disks for the family …we viewed the disks together and I showed them how to order prints and how to remove my mark..thinking future shoots will be happening

letting them decide where they wanted everyone …this was one of their favorites ..can we say attitude and love ???


loved capturing little ones enjoying the day …getting ready for next get together …

had fun and learned a lot …what to look for ..what to capture ….what to watch for …yes most of the shots were not good but they were full of learning and the families ended up with more than one shot of a get together …one of their comments was they had fun …they had done professional shoots before and hated being told where and what they could do …learning to listen is really a great thing to do


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