The Harder I Try

Went to the open house of Alaska Railroad a few weeks back…I never attend things like this for many reasons…but was ask to go and it was free so we went…happy I went but it was just as expected …over priced and loud and crowed with people…..


babies crying because they lost their because our first heat of the season had returned to Alaska…to many signs but not enough clear directions….but there were some interesting things to see my favorite was not the trains but a family bike


this caught my eyes and camera lens because of all the seating…and all the neat things hanging off the bike…mittens..helmets …but most of all the thoughts of family and love ….caring for each one’s safety and the fact that there was no fear attached to the transportation…it was safe and sound surrounding the bike…one could feel the bounder of angels guarding the bike….I sat watching the bike for a long time….people walked way around the bike as if a circle of protection had been sat up around the area…the family that spends that much effort to be together is awesome the my eyes and must be awesome in the eyes of the angels of protection around the family ….


family was the theme at the open house for sure….found this little ditty hanging at the main entrance of the station….my thoughts were about the colors and the design and the fact that it was at the entrance …lately my thoughts have turned to failing as a parent and as a photographer ….seems the harder one tries the more mistakes this one makes ……I am still standing Lord ..I AM STILL STANDING


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pete
    Jun 03, 2013 @ 05:10:43

    Failing, I think not. One can only truly fail if one stops trying.


    • rebeak123
      Jun 03, 2013 @ 05:51:49

      Thank you Pete…I keep trying but sometimes the eyes and the lens fail me…and even though i haven’t given up on my kids and family I know man y many mistakes were made…but that too has to be lived with and we continue to travel forward…


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