Yellow Center

The yellow center of my mom’s white roses ..I cropped the old photo and played around in a program tiring to find the smell of home today… it wasn’t found but the trip back to the days after her passing were….wandering around the house and the yard trying to capture thing to remember in the days and years to come…


the roses in front of the house so near to her bedroom window…the lite smell of the white rose as the sun-dried the morning dew off the petals….things I needed to capture but now my fear of my mothers yard ….but a fear  held me at bay… I had lived in Alaska way to long and the now fear of snakes and bugs made me think hard about where my feet were…this was the same yard that I had ran barefoot as a child and never even thought of snakes or bugs…..but now there was a fear of things hidden … there was no mother or father to protect me ….

…dad and mom were gone the house was empty and the land was strange to the touch and feel of my hands and feet..I needed the capture of silly things to shoot with my lens…her flowers… the trees… .sheds …even the big rock in the yard…all needed to be captured for days like today ….days when I need to return home ..
The smell of roses on a photo just aren’t the same but the memories the photo brings to the eyes and heart are ….like the red bird in the next photo .my dad called him pretty boy…he or his children sang at the back door of my mom and dads house ….my home … for days after mom’s passing he sang on the top of the little shed ….the photo brings back the sound and smells of HOME…



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dina
    Jan 28, 2014 @ 13:45:43

    The nicest post I have seen for a long time. Lovely captures!
    Best regards


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