Cleaning …oh No ,,no,,no

What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is — is it the task itself, or something more?is the daily prompt …..for over eleven months I have been helping my aunt get her house ready for sale… the water drops in the photos ….many many things have happen….I have learned I am a hoarder …and so is my Aunt

like the many…many …drops we have crafted our selves into pack-rat status….we managed to clean her house ….pack and repack…sort and resort …drop by drop I carried home things I could not let be thrown away …only to find myself now in need of a cleaning person …. day by day ….month by month the things piled up in my studio….

then I cleaned and sorted for a few weeks my studio ….things are put away and stacked and sorted into neat piles… the patterns formed by the falling water drops…but I find myself hating cleaning my house ….while my aunt’s house is picture perfect….the one job I hate…truly hate is dishes …I have hated them since I was a teenager…but whenever I go to help my aunt that is the first thing I find myself doing….because she hates to do dirty dishes…when she was little they had to carry water from outside …heat it on the stove and they made the water last all day ….she hated the feel of the water as the day wore on and the dishes mounted up….myself I hate the dishes because as the oldest …I got off the bus each day…cleaned up the breakfast dishes…watched the younger sister and brothers ….help finish dinner and then washed the dishes and then tried to get my home work…I hated the time standing at the sink ….to this day I will let the dishes pile up …til we are out of dishes …but can not let them pile up in my aunt’s house….

As each drop fills the sink and makes the dish soap bubble up…I have to wonder if there will be dishes in heaven ….and if I will have to do other people’s dishes while there….



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