Where Do You Stand

lately I have been watching people and things around me ……everyone has their little minutes in life  when everything is revealed  like bright sunshine……whether its real estate or business or just life around home …….there is always a right and wrong …….



when the above photo was first viewed my thoughts were it was bad really bad…….yet the longer I viewed it the more intense the view became to me…..what she was viewing was sending mixed messages to all of us…..in fun someone else was being used ….and instead of making it right we all …yes all stood by……lately I have seen this act and even taken part in this act of not seeing the whole of the thing…its just easy anymore not to stand up and fight …..so I wasn’t to surprised when my photos of the back-lit flowers turned out the same way …..I was seeing a beautiful sun lit flower even though it was dried up and falling apart …there was just a little beauty left ….but it was meant for me to see the worst …the blurred back ground the many shades of wrong …I could have taken each of these photos and made something wonderful but I think there is a lesson pass all learning here….


the blur is oh so wrong and the sun light needs to be fixed .. but the real facts are there as my camera setting saw it….the camera and lens can only do what you tell it…. so I changed the settings and tried again and this is what I got

again changing the settings and this is what I got

again with different setting

again with really different setting …..

things would be so easy in life if we could just take a different view in time to make a real difference….


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