Because of All The Sh**

While redoing the fencing around chicken pen this


has been a real problem……….. one can not tip toe through are around it …..when seventy some odd chickens and two rude roosters roam……


it is not bad enough that the manure pile is in the back yard …it creates its own trouble …been known to catch on fire ….or steam off with not so wonderful smells …heaven forbid it rain …..


last year husband changed direction of entry after a winter of shoveling and cussing the snow and ice…..the new entry makes it easy to open doors and put fuel in the stove…..also created a place to store straw and feed …..


above photo shows entry and how one crimps wire to tighten the fencing when it doesn’t stretch tight enough…….


above photo shows old chicken yard and that no matter where we are working there too will be our not so helpful chicken…… as we are putting in new fencing we are making sure it is buried at the bottom to keep digging animals from getting in ….so a trench is dug from post to post and then the bottom strand is fencing is hung tighten and then the top strand is hung and tightened …then the trench is filled back in covering wire…….


Jerry is getting ready to dig out the mound of dirt behind coop … the last of the wire can be hung……


above photo shows the trench and the not so wonderful helpful chicken ….as soon as we would clear the trench to hang wire they were there to scratch the dirt back in …but as soon as we hung the wire they are no where to be found to help move dirt……

to show just how destructive chicken can be …the little wire box is used inside the chicken yard for sick chicken …while working on things in the chicken yard it was sat on the outside of pen…….that is the only grass growing in that part of the yard ….inside the little box…..chicken on the roam will eat anything …anything…string…paper…wood chips…upturned roots….bristles off paint brushes….


Jerry was working so hard that the sweat band was no longer catching sweat it was sweat…… we are down to top wire on back side and filling ditches but it has pouring rain for two days…….to muddy and still lots of chicken sh**… to dodge


when all is done and the chicken are once again penned in there will be a wonderful wild rose hedge behind the coop that they can no longer pick clean……

Now to show you a few of our chicken …meet Big Red


one lady from our gray and white chicken…
Our master game rooster Mighty Comb …he has a triple comb as a headdress….and he never forgets to crow at the sun….just asks my daughter…..

than a few of our ladies…


still raining ….. so today will be spent in-house or green house…. more on chicken coop latter….

sorry if the photos seem out of place to story …I HAVE TRIED TO FIX BUT IT KEEP COMING OUT WRONG….maybe next story will line up correct….


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  1. Melinda
    Jun 24, 2014 @ 23:49:11

    I enjoyed this adventure to the Chicken Yard! I used to have chickens (not nearly as many as you) and I am planning to have a few more soon! Good luck, lots of great ideas in this and I look forward to more about your chickens. I had 5 hens. Bertha, Henny Penny, Beulah, Mabel and Gladys.


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