All About the Flair Or Flare

Sometimes one just has to address the time…I had missed the big part of the display but managed to catch a few of the last burst of energy ….

spent night before last ….or should I say early morn ….waiting for what was supposed to be one of the most awesome shows …..NOT….right up til the last second the numbers were awesome…than blink and all was gone….so I dragged around all yesterday to sleepy to function ….must learn to go with gut and go to sleep when a certain time comes and goes….

So about the title
A flare is a sudden burst of light. The flare of a lit match in the dark night is strangely beautiful.

Use the word flair to refer to someone’s knack or natural talent for something. Someone might have a flair for throwing fantastic parties, or a flair for solving complex math problems.

I have a flair or missing the timing but the flare of the auroras does not always get away from the lens……


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