Not The Sun

No…. NO … it is not the sun you see…it is a street light across the field … was all about focus and trying silly things with camera…. it was all play ….before I could get into the fake sun it was gone due to a little real daylight ……..

I continued to play with settings on camera …. learning a little more with each click and setting ….but had to stop and fight with city ravens…. trying to get into feed bags in back of truck…..they work in groups of distraction……one would jump on hood of truck and while I was scaring him or her off hood ……others would jump into bed of truck and attack feed bags….


after a while I gave up and decided to take mug shots of the group ….for future arrest warrants….they are very smart birds …… are not afraid of any silly woman trying to scare them away from their bounty ……


talking back is one of their many traits …..they can sound so funny at times …..all in all it was a long day of trying to save the chicken feed in back of truck…..


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