Thing we do at minus zero temps

We had to take egg to town and pick up chicken food…..these are a few of the shots taken on the trip………

certain places along the trip were heavy with fog and hoar frost……..headlights and fog …you can not see the two cars coming at us with not headlights on…….

tail lights of car in front of us always a good site unless you are traveling to fast…….

headlights coming out of fog on other side of road …makes your heart race for sure…..DSC_0240


then we made it to train yard where bread store is and this came out of fog along side of road…..this one we could see…but the next one we could only hear and the gate was only half way down….scary


eggs delivered and back home …..

Still standing MOM still standing


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  1. Pete
    Feb 02, 2015 @ 06:59:54

    …ah Fairbanks in the winter, one either loves it or moves. Glad I am in Livengood no fog or -49 here just a nice mild -30!


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