Season For Season

April has arrived and  mother nature has  not given up ….been in Alaska  for 30  plus years and she has never failed to scatter snow on the ground   for us at Easter ….easier to find silly colored eggs  in the white fluffy stuff I guess…. we had many beautiful warm days  this last week …melting snow….longer days ….more sunlight….mosquitos…returning birds and other wildlife  have return  from their deep sleep of winter …..along with all the returning life there comes  death of many things ..soon our darkness will be gone and the chase of the northern lights will be gone…no need  for heavier clothing…we will change winter boots   for mucking boots  …….many will bury  their love ones who passed during the many frozen  months….many will travel to fish camps ….others will gather their fishing gear for deeper waters….other their hunting gear…..we will all live fast ….never sleeping til we fall out  from over burn….gather every bit of the sun  and daylight  for our sun starved bodies……there few things that won’t change with the seasons…..sickness…worrying about love ones…. the living  …the dying…loving and caring….. the next week will be a real test  for some ….


like the aurora corona one can either learn to just look on or allow themselves to be drawn into the center and travel with the speed of light ……

I am still standing MOM ….STILL STANDING I AM

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