In The Garage

Challenge words ..In The Garage.…hardest challenge yet …not because I could not find the garage …but because it was just to sad……. we are down to three tools ….. they are cheap tools….when we started our business started in an old wooden garage …. with no floors …only an old wood stove for heat with …..lasted almost three years before a worker over built a fire in stove and burnt the shop to ground….lot of people would have ended the business and ran with money … not us…too much into the art of the bowls and other items we made….so we rebuilt the shop and the business…almost 25 years of wooden bowls … then could not keep workers … not even part-time …then wood cutters could not provide us wood because they could not get permits…then we could not afford to produce bowl…because of paying unemployment and workman comp and insurance … dream was over ….. so it was really hard to walk into the cold shop and take this photo… we were waiting for spring to revamp old shop …..


the young man who had bought all the tools and supplies of old business….. had left a real mess from all his learning he did under my husbands teaching … so today’s photo was indeed hard …..but life goes on …….
STILL STANDING LORD….Still standing I AM…..
P.S. Happy Birthday Mom …I know the streets of heaven
are brighter today because it is your birthday …



Not an easy word ****Dislike**** challenge indeed ….but I did manage to find on my kitchen counter a few things I dislike

….yes indeed a bunch of things …. thinking the two quotes that were found say it all

The worst thing about medicine is that one kind makes another necessary. ~Elbert Hubbard


Poisons and medicine are oftentimes the same substance given with different intents. ~Peter Mere Latham

Dislike the many doctors my husband see that just throw one more pill at a pain ….. instead of trying harder to heal …. not just cover up a new problem cause by the last pill that was given to cover yet another pain cause by yet another new pill…dislike reading label that says don’t take this with that ……only to have Doctor say that he or she is on top of it and not to worry…..I AM STILL STANDING LORD!! ….I AM !!...

Shelved But Equal

Above the patio doorway is a dormer window …on the window shelf I have two very old German salt scales ….just another dust collecting treasures of our many years of gathering things… of the scales became my photo of the day …the challenge word was Equal


The first picture was the one ..the best of the many …it is straight out of camera with no changes …..

the above changes were to add a little darkness to the edge of the shot and a little shadow around wax fruit ….


Took away a little of the color to give it an antique look to the above photo….love how one photo can become so many different photos …equal but not …but the same no matter what ……

this shot was changed by using hdr  mode on the scale …almost a little too much  because there seem to be a blue hues in places  but all in all making it off scale brighter


As always I had to try a black and white of the photo ……because of all the colors …wanting to learn the gray-scale of the different tones in the shot …..


selective color is such a fun part of the change ….just capturing one color of the many on the scale….Equal is all in the beholders eyes  … from one photo it became many moods…but just as the quote says…

In the democracy of the dead all men at last are equal. There is neither rank nor station nor prerogative in the republic of the grave. ~John James Ingalls

…I am still standing ……

The Cutting Edge

Sometimes a dull rusty idea can cut across the air just like a beautiful sharp idea….

the saw in the photo spent decades of hours cutting the logs for Alaskan’s …..then times changed… things appeared ..changes happen…..the old reliable was left by the way side ….Growth of the Times….

Sitting abandon in the wood lot waiting for someone to again cut things of need…..when first my eyes lay sight to the rusty old saw …..I thought of my husband and son……even myself thought of how a little cleaning up …little oil ….little willing time spent ….could bring it back to life …spinning with power to cut through all the neglect …abuse ……

reminds me of friendships ….. or life together with a love-one….or maybe one’s own children…..have you allowed them to becomes rusty …neglected …forgotten …only to become memories in an antique museum field …waiting for someone else’s eyes or camera lens to recognize their worth…..


Started writing earlier about our new adventure of renting out a room and how scary it is… but when I was correcting things… it all disappeared ….hummmmmm!!!! maybe it was just a practice run or maybe it was not supposed to be written either way it is gone in to never-never land of internet …
So instead here are few shots of beads from Mardi Gras my daughter in law let me use to try to get some photos of

with all the cold and snow here anything with color catches my eyes and my camera lens…..I have so many ideas I want to try with these little strings of plastic…..

Pink Flamingos and purple and green beads …digging the colors of partying in the deep south

some of the beads are art …and very heavy …..the purple and green and the red and yellow of the jester beads was so bright and heavy ….

had to get a little creative with things and add a reminder of where all this partying was leading toward…hope you enjoyed the color ……

Hidden Treasure

Hidden away from eyes in many a drawer in my Mom’s house were years of cards  ……many many drawers  were filled to the brim with thank you cards , Easter holiday,Christmas,Mother’s Day,Birthdays,Valentines,post cards from our travels …..she managed to reach out after her passing and let us know she had cared to keep our many attempts to love her…. she even had cards the grand children and great grandchildren  had made in school ….and there were even cards we had made many many years ago as children ……we  were silly ….. we threw them away …it was to  soon and to much to bear ……but  it did not end there   ….she reached out again this last week  as I was putting up decorations around the house here in North Pole  Alaska…..reaching into the last box of decorations there she was …only this time it was cards she had sent me over the years …yes I am like my mom…….. I have all the cards that have every been given to me as well…….

I sat there for a little while reading each card …..trying to remember her voice …she always called to see if we had received the card …..I can remember her always saying it’s not a Hallmark but I care…..Yes Mom they are all the real Hallmarks or such I say Heart Marks

Gathering of Memories

Our lives are like quilts – bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love.As my grandmother cut up little scraps of fabric from out dresses,shirts and old bedding she stashed them in a basket til she had enough to put it all together in a quilt top…When my Mom passed each of us got two quilts each ,,,,this is one of my two this one contains not only fabric scraps from many of my dresses but also flour sacks ,,,I love this top because it was one of many that were sewn together by hand and cut out by hand …no craft machines or perfect making tools just hands full of love and desire to save good fabric…..



After my Mom passed we each got a quilt top either made by our mom or one of the other relatives….I got two made by my grandmother

…..they are so special to me because not only did she make them by hand… special cutting tool that one uses today …nor was it fabric straight off the shelf …both quilt tops were made from things we had worn …..or from…. flour sacks of the day ….the colors seem to be true and bright even with age…the stitches are so true to form ….After Thanksgivings Dinner when everyone had left ..I sat looking at the fabric and the closeness of the stitches and the colors of fabric almost sixty + years old

one used the color thread they had at the time….

…I draped the quilt top over a lamp and took close-ups of the top with the light showing through …..taking photos of both sides of the top

…..The top took me back …way back ….sitting by her side on the yard swing chair as she cut up old shirts and little dresses we had out grown and other things that could not be either handed down or use

…. each had been washed and sun-dried on the clothesline …ironed and folded into the basket of things to do ….we were now at the cutting stage…with mail ordered pattern and scissors sharpen by my Uncle….. here we were…. cutting parts from each item of well used clothing

…til there was no possible amount of fabric big enough for a piece of the pattern….stacked in neat little stacks and wrapped in a paper bag from grocery store ..then placed by the rocking chair….. for sewing after all the days work was done…..watching her sew and sing as she rocked back and forth ….then when the little pieces were sewn back together in a pretty little blocks …she would stack them
…. til she could decide how to put them to good use ……wow I really am telling my age……

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