Hugs given Here

today is national hug day ….WOW …another holiday … few days back I heard four hugs a day kept one’s heart healthy… hubby and I have made a point of hugging each other every time we pass each other..

went back into my photos looking for hugs..found monkey hugging a heart box I made….
also found a photo of my two Christmas bears hugging my than new Nikon camera

so here are my hugs to all that read here today .HAPPY NATIONAL HUG DAY.may you receive and give many many many hugs today

Sad News

The things in life are not always happy or nice….few days after Christmas day our son came by …he had been sick and had not made it to Christmas day here….He dropped a time bomb in our laps and hearts…he was told he had Lymphoma……hearts sank and we just sat there …DSC_0091-002
like the over worked photo my colors of love tried to hold firm as a mother and not fall apart but to hang tight to my faith and mothers concern….
days later now with turning it all over to a higher power …my colors and focus are a tad better …not totally in focus but a lot clearly then that second ….

Halloween Reinvented

First off the bat
Have Happy Halloween

Nothing beats a haunted moonlit night on All Hallows Eve…. And on this fatal night, at this witching time, the starless sky laments black and unmoving. The somber hues of an ominous, dark forest are suddenly illuminated under the emerging face of the full moon. ~Kim Elizabeth

The challenge was to invent a new holiday …oh my goodness we need another holiday that people can change to fit their mood……it use to be such a simple life as a kid ….there was no such thing as a three-day weekend so one could play or get out of work….the holiday was on the calendar circled it with red pen…you made plans …you made time…..everyone enjoyed and was there ..on time..with bells on … you bought supplies,you harvested things….you got your clothes or costume ready …….you were on time…..
STOP !!!! Wait !!!! Stop THE PRESSES……
We have let time and others ruin our holidays ….We don’t need another holiday ..we need to learn to just use the holidays on the calendar as they come …I say put them back as they were before state and church and greedy people took the importance of them away ….
Maybe instead of all the different holidays we should just celebrate life …oh there you go…. we would have one day of the year for all the holidays …we would get up really early dressed in costume and start with birthday cake …unwrap the frozen turkey..stuff it with candy marked Halloween and put it in the oven to cook all day ….. wrap and unwrap gifts under the tree ..sing carols, while waving banners and streamers and yelling happy new year …while kissing everyone near us…. then take out the turkey filled with candy and bletch songs of Auld Lang Syne ….think of all the time we could save …no shopping…now days off from work…no carols at Halloween… this might just be a new holiday