Flaming Not

Sometimes one must just blow out the flame…..the oil lamp collection sits atop my fridge..
..just collecting dust and grease … none have been lit in a long ,long time…..today my cabin fever is like the fading lamps in the second photo…..when one can see clear skies and sun that is returning.. but it is still to damn cold to venture out ….the walls seem to be closing in here in my world….
one just seems to feel every depressing thought ….. caught hanging on tight to the cold air ….color seems to disappear with each drop of the temperatureDSC_0288 …one degree at a time….maybe I should turn out all the lights and light the wicks….

I am still standing MOM ..STILL STANDING …but maybe a little bent over in heart today…..

Yellow Center

The yellow center of my mom’s white roses ..I cropped the old photo and played around in a program tiring to find the smell of home today… it wasn’t found but the trip back to the days after her passing were….wandering around the house and the yard trying to capture thing to remember in the days and years to come…


the roses in front of the house so near to her bedroom window…the lite smell of the white rose as the sun-dried the morning dew off the petals….things I needed to capture but now my fear of my mothers yard ….but a fear  held me at bay…..as I had lived in Alaska way to long and the now fear of snakes and bugs made me think hard about where my feet were…this was the same yard that I had ran barefoot as a child and never even thought of snakes or bugs…..but now there was a fear of things hidden … there was no mother or father to protect me ….

…dad and mom were gone the house was empty and the land was strange to the touch and feel of my hands and feet..I needed the capture of silly things to shoot with my lens…her flowers… the trees… .sheds …even the big rock in the yard…all needed to be captured for days like today ….days when I need to return home ..
The smell of roses on a photo just aren’t the same but the memories the photo brings to the eyes and heart are ….like the red bird in the next photo .my dad called him pretty boy…he or his children sang at the back door of my mom and dads house ….my home … for days after mom’s passing he sang on the top of the little shed ….the photo brings back the sound and smells of HOME…


*Nite* Nite*

Last night the North Pole weather was awesome…..stars and warmer weather and more winter like….it has been raining and a warm high of 39 to 43 across state …..not good for mid January ..all the warmth cause flooding.. avalanches….many many wreaks and some electric outages …but it was back to lower temps and everything was frosty…..so when I looked out side and saw the sky ….I just had to go outside…..

DSC_0095 DSC_0096 DSC_0097

….the city lights reflected off the clouds in one area and the northern lights lit up the sky when I turned the other way….


the new lenses is so cool…now if I can just learn to use it correctly


I must look a site to anyone driving by …woman in heavy-duty parka and flannel pj’s and standing behind a large tripod ….I really wanted a hot cup of coffee and a chair ….but was so happy to get out of house and breathe clean North Pole Air …


the above shot is across the road from our house …I use their light to sit the new lens to infinity…so I can at least get half way good night sky photo…


The Harder I Try

Went to the open house of Alaska Railroad a few weeks back…I never attend things like this for many reasons…but was ask to go and it was free so we went…happy I went but it was just as expected …over priced and loud and crowed with people…..


babies crying because they lost their balloons..hot because our first heat of the season had returned to Alaska…to many signs but not enough clear directions….but there were some interesting things to see my favorite was not the trains but a family bike


this caught my eyes and camera lens because of all the seating…and all the neat things hanging off the bike…mittens..helmets …but most of all the thoughts of family and love ….caring for each one’s safety and the fact that there was no fear attached to the transportation…it was safe and sound surrounding the bike…one could feel the bounder of angels guarding the bike….I sat watching the bike for a long time….people walked way around the bike as if a circle of protection had been sat up around the area…the family that spends that much effort to be together is awesome the my eyes and must be awesome in the eyes of the angels of protection around the family ….


family was the theme at the open house for sure….found this little ditty hanging at the main entrance of the station….my thoughts were about the colors and the design and the fact that it was at the entrance …lately my thoughts have turned to failing as a parent and as a photographer ….seems the harder one tries the more mistakes this one makes ……I am still standing Lord ..I AM STILL STANDING

**A Favorite Snack**

Challenge words **A Favorite Snack** not really mine but is a snack kept around house for husband …this one was left in fruit bowl on counter and I need a subject fast……set the shot up on the edge of kitchen counter …stepped back to use micro and then took a few different angles of the old fruit and then took shots into picasa3 and played around a little … mainly just cropped and then played with different looks til I got the finally
take …


Above shot is after the playing around in photo editing program…..

one of the three shots I took of the fruit in the kitchen light ….all shot were taken on a light grey counter and use of over head light and flash ….




Quick and fun to do …but hard to pick which shot to use for challenge …on toward next challenge….. oh yeah all good news on hubby’s last weeks test …now on to ear doctor to get him new hearing aids …so I can get a reprieve from hearing …… “What did yo u say ?” …will be so happy to be one saying ….. “Can you hear me now ?…How about now?”…


Challenge word for the 365 today is **Love** Wikipedia says that ….. Love is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment. Love is also said to be a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection … last night this soon to be 62-year-old went out on the patio and drew a love note in the fresh snow for my hubby


…love is willing to get cold for you other half…….

Today is Valentine’s Day a day of hearts …the color red….greeting cards ….candy …flowers ….so here are a few heart shapes found by my camera lens….


things for sale


** UNIQUE** Heartfelt Sentiments**

Word Challenges of the day are #1 UNIQUE for WordPress …#2 Heartfelt Sentiments for the 365 challenge …
..so decided to blend the two…..flying by seat of my big girl panties here … the 365 challenge was easy …the little monkey and the heart shaped box were my picks…both belonged to my mom and now reside in my curio cabinet ….love the little monkey he is light and flexible and can be wrapped around things ….sat him up on kitchen table with overhead light and wrapped his little arms around the box..the little heart shaped box is a paper craft that I did for my mom back a few years ago..
..not much can be done in early morn around here…this is best of ten shots….


For the word Unique….. picked the things I did yesterday around city of North Pole Alaska…we went to town to delivery eggs in Fairbanks …but along the way we stopped off in city of North Pole to mail things and pay bills….


while waiting in truck at post Office…… looked up ….saw the candy cane light pole still shinning ….decided with the frosted trees and blue morning sky it was worth a click on the camera…….


then while waiting in truck at mall parking lot…….. out of corner of my eyes caught the movement …..of a hardy Alaskan peddling around the snow covered parking lot at minus five degrees

…… was looking for a pop of red for a future word challenge ……. saw the Mr & Mrs Santa Clause in the window of one of our local government office windows

…we are a unique bunch here in Alaska for sure …never giving up on our happiness….STILL STANDING LORD !!!….I AM !!!….

Careful the Climb

Sometimes in life the steps ahead are just not safe….but if you have a brave heart and a few helpful friends you can make the climb safely ….


One should never step back to view the deeds while up a ladder ..like the quote says it is just not safe nor wise from that height….

When I went out to look for a photo that said climb ..it was snowing .. cold ..damp.. overcast …but when I turned to look inside mail box …there she was … through the trees …all bright and waving in the breeze …the stark bright colors against the winter hues was a beacon in the air …screaming all is good I still wave….so again I am still….I can climb the ladder and I won’t look to view my progress I will just continue on ….

I am Late !!!!Late!!!L***

Holidays and family drama and just plain lazy ….I am late in so many ways …..Christmas threw up all over my house and I really was not in the mood ….no babies to buy for …no Santa Clause…no mother or father to share my kids with….everything just a lot glitter with lots of ba hum bug thrown in
but the joy and giggles gathered from the cats under the trees made the threw up worth the effort …I made myself not take thing down yet..even picked the date Jan 6 th as my date to start packing away …each morn the cats come running to see us turn tree on …then they lay under the lights all day …… hoping by not rushing through the year things will mean more….maybe even start a new feeling toward the season…

*Tis* the Season Of Un-reason

First I better place an Angel on this page for protection from all the hiss and boos!!!!!!

The little angel among the feathers was found by my daughter in law a few years back…She was at the dump …… looked up along the edge of the dumpster and there she sat the little Angel that is ….bright white and a little smudge of dirt on her …My daughter in law grabbed her and brought her home …cleaned her up and hot glued halo of pearls on her head…..brought her into my house and sat her on my table …saying here you go Mom ….found you another angel for your collection….. out of over 300 angels in my collection she is one of four that I would carry all over the world in my suitcase……

Now for why you might hiss and boo….I Hate Christmas.. it has never been my favorite holiday…even though my house will look like Christmas threw up with flu force by tomorrow evening I HATE CHRISTMAS..now with that said here is why …..I do not know when to stop … a craft mind meld takes over …. I can think of thousands of ways to decorate …. do not know when to stop….I refuse to go to town at this time of year without a list ….I only allow myself to get what is on the list …It drives me crazy the mere sound of seasonal music starts the flow of decorating flu fluids flowing …..I am a done for crazy person …yesterday I had to go to a craft store for one of things on my list …It was intolerable ….. so intolerable…my list melted in my hands …I broke out in a sweat ….the money on my credit card screamed to be released…I HATE CHRISTMAS……

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