Walk About

It finally happen ….we both could get together…..even when it looks like we aren’t
talking our cameras are…….we see the same lightDSC_0604 …we hear the same light …yes
hear light …it twirls around your lens and gathers force that makes you click the button that captures and draws the vision into your disks

DSC_0619…I needed the time out and about with like mind ….it was windy,cold to the bone but  very,very sunny …I HAD FUN…thanks Vicky Padgett for an awesome time……she drove us around on very icy roads


…at temps  that belonged at the real north pole …..the walk about  we were not chasing the sun it was standing still for us…..it flickered off the ice and the tips of the trees




finding its way in to the tracks of the animalsDSC_0618


…..we hear airplanes over head  …birds……snowmachiners…..  it was the refreshing day both  for us cabin bound people along with our cameras that are starved for light of day…….but our short visit with the great outdoors and the beautiful sun had to come to a stop….


we had to stop and take photos of the piles of snow around the stop sign DSC_0614

all the little mounds of snow looked like they were waiting to cross the roads…. what a day ..what crazy thoughts ….here is my favorite shot of the day


I am still standing MOM …..I AM STILL STANDING


Chasing The Morn

we have passed the darkness to the return of light …just a few seconds here a few seconds there……
it was fun to put my 70/300mm back on and try to capture photos as the person riding in the auto ….. we had to turn around just a mile up the road the black ice was more than we needed …..but it sure was a pretty day ….


the clouds and winter overcast skies has put a little stop for the northern lights….which is really okay …my new remote arrived and I am learning to set and reset in the darkness and cold…without the rush or the feel of being rushed to capture the next flare….I AM SO EXCITED IT EVEN WORKS WITH MY HANDS IN MY POCKET ….WE ARE COOKING NOW ….

****Color From The Garden ****

****Color From The Garden ****are the 365 challenge words…..laughing so hard …had to really think about this one …it is snowing and overcast grey skies…the only thing in our garden is drifts of snow and ice and moose tracks and piles of chicken manure waiting for spring thaw……so grab an artificial flower and stick it in the snowbank… spray it with water til it looks real…….take a few shot and that is life …back to drawing board….
next challenge



Today is my baby brother Jerry’s birthday …Happy Birthday bubby ..hope heaven is a real party place …miss you bubby miss you

Frozen *but *Today I Sing

The challenge word of the day was FROZEN …. last night as I tried to capture what my inner eye wanted …worry of many things kept my eyes blurred to the camera lens….I almost threw these away …happy now that I didn’t ..they fit …yes they fit the cause and feel of the day …..


First a little news …my cousin Mickey was due for surgery this morn and it was going to be a real dangerous surgery …two major surgeries back to back ..either one could kill him ….well as of a little while ago his surgery’s were canceled because his blood was making antibodies …. they needed to wait to gather more blood ….

Month back I learned about praying ABC’s when one is in doubt as how to pray …. when praying the ABC’s one just hands the letter of alphabet over to the lord allowing him to be in control and supply what is needed ……sometimes we ask for what we want and not what is truly needed…..So when I heard the surgery had been delayed because of needed blood ……my heart begin to sing the words of an old song from childhood


{Tanya Blount
Why should I feel discouraged
Why should the shadows come
Why should my heart fell lonely
And long for heaven and home

When Jesus is my portion
A constant friend is he
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches over me
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me

{Lauryn Hill
I sing because I’m happy
I sing because I’m free
His eye is on the sparrow

Frozen Like the melting ice-cube with the flame behind it….. I AM though the world might cause me to burn with worry… I AM …frozen in the knowledge that there is a higher power that watches over me and mine


I sing because I’m happy
I sing because I’m free
His eye is on the sparrow

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Blue ….wow this last year blue has played an awful big part in my life….blue seems to surround me in every form … from blue feelings of lost and angry …to blue dishes,blue ice forms and blue thoughts…..
The photo is of an ice carving at our local winter ice park..I just kept playing with different ideas til it became so BLUE it hurts

Stepping Out

Sometimes life is all about stepping out …like the moose in the photos …it is all about hungry …learning to step forward and gather what is yours for the taking ….pass few days all the hoopla whether a stay at home mom is worthy of being a part of the world and is capable of understanding things of the world …wow again we step back instead of forward all because we listen to all the silliness of the media . …..like making another law to cover the ones already on the books …because we must make things safe…..we must learn to take care of ourselves not depend on a law …step fourth …with bold steps and do what is right …continue to do the right thing ….live life with honest steps ….steps tested and true ….each step the two moose took to reach the goal of the willow buds was tested on the rotting snow …each time they fell through they battled back and took yet another tested step forward….it was life in the happening it was about setting a goal and traveling toward it no matter what ……the rule was not to give up ..continue forward to do it again and again til the goal was reached .. the only law on the tundra was the law of trying …there was no cleared snow path …it was life it was spring thaw it was nature at it’s worst ….. hungry was the driving force……we need to get hungry ..no matter what your childhood was about or what terrible things happen in your childhood …you made it to adulthood and you are now responsible to travel forward and set goals to make sure others see you trying to do your best ….

They came out of the woods step by step ..testing as they took each step ….

each step making the goal come closer

closer still but not yet there

We each reach the goal at a different rate and different way …but we reach to goal …we were hungry enough to get there …..

Year after year the moose still appears…because the mother teaches the young how to survive …where to go …what to eat….how to test the things around them…..use these methods in your life …test the air you breathe…test the step you take…test the feeling you have….test…. test… test… them test again ….

Pays to Wait

We got a call for eggs …so we gathered .. cleaned … sized … packaged…labeled … dated …then off we went ….of course my cameras came along for the trip….one of those winter days when one really wants to just sit outside and soak up sun….bright sunny day with lots of melting going on ….while husband is dealing with eggs and business …my cameras hear the drip of ice off the roof of the baby chick building at the feed store…they have this really cute advertising sign for the building …each year it is a little different ….

took a few shots through the windshield …because I am always afraid of making a fool of self with camera…don’t know why …so is at behind a dirty windshield for most of the shots ..the chick barn still has Christmas lights up along with the blues of the building and the peeling paint ….this caught my eye….

Then as one is looking down the front of the building there were long rows of icicles all dripping little drops of water …..I took the following shot in my photo program and played with different things…. giving another take on icicles in Alaska

Then I played in HDR with one take of the icicles

Finally can not wait any longer …. I step down out of truck ….went over and stood under eve of roof …….waiting with camera ready….. to capture….. the drops of melting icicle

sixty some odd shots later …… YES WAITING DOES PAY

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