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yet another holiday is up on us …..we spend time cleaning and decorating graves of those that made the sacrifice for our freedoms……but really most are thinking more about the three or four day holiday that begins our summer ….instead of another holiday with flags and parades and cookouts ….we might just try living …
20 years of service ….two tours in Vietnam …two tours in Korea …four years in Germany and many moves from camp to camp …school to school,…
again the VA has put my husband in a state of depression….he gathered and copied and applied for the umpteenth time for points on his benefits and retirement….only to have it all moved again …. then receives a letter stating that they need more …more visits to update dr. reports and then a few trips to different part of state to see dr.s not related to last visit……more because they play a game with our service people they wait and wait and then when they look at application it is pass the date and they need all of it updated …mean while the veteran grows older and the application grows stale and around and around we go…every time they delay or move up he loses money and points …but then their game is to make people think they are taking care of our vets ……the only thing my vet has not applied for is pstd….when he came home from NAM…he was spit on called baby killer and could not wear his uniform down town for fear it would happen all over….he and others from that time did not have pstd or stress cards or an 800 # to call…they sucked it up and continued on …he flew agent orange ..he was coated in the chemical every time he flew it ….watched beautiful forest turn to death valley…. .today our children pay the price for agent orange …he followed orders and shot people down just because they looked like the enemy …. .he flew young men and women out of hell holes with half their bodies gone …he watched young children carrying grenade blow up in front of him .. to this day jumps with loud noises … nope it was called battle fatigue and one carried on and either drank it away or smoked it away or just went on with life best they could …..there seems to be a pstd for everyone today ……..every time the VA sends him a request ….he goes deeper into a depressed state…..but he get right back up and gathers their requested paper work and try one more time to get his benefits …. so on memorial day when you help place flags and clean graves of veterans long gone from this world ….. try to remember the one that still standing and fighting battles of not being able to cope…. .who have to fight new battles to make their loves lives secure …. sorry to rant but one grows old fast when dealing with this type of thing ……we are off now to kill more trees and burden the world with more paperwork ….in the end there will be one hell of a bonfire when all is done and we can destroy all the kept paper work …have a wonderful holiday ….we are going to try to…..when we grow old and tired…. sometimes the best thing to go for a ride and take in a view that makes you feel small….

Still Standing MOM …I am still Standing…..

Away from Here

Sometimes the walls of this house become way to tight…..we waited and waited…. it was either black ice road conditions or extreme temps…. either side of the zero on the gauge can be extremely dangerous…but we finally caught it just right even though it was cold ….really cold….so off we go the wheels on the truck went thump ,thump thump till they warmed up

2015-02-07escape trip

the weather and steam off everything trying to work was amazing….every steam plant was working over time and the thermal pools on the rivers and lakes were steaming up the air….

2015-02-07escape trip2

around every bend in the road was another vista of beauty…..snow covered sun shadowed and sun light were our views …roads were both icy or dry …depending on the bend in the road ….some views many,many,miles away looked like they were sitting in middle of roadway….

2015-02-07escape trip3

the amount of snow and weight of more hoar-frost and the extreme temps made the trees and grasses look like place from another world….. the stop sign seem to even scream Stop Already Winter……the sounds at these temps seems to triple in volume…the crunch of the icy snow seems to have its own music…

2015-02-07escape trip1

we viewed moose and caribou and eagles along the way….the moose were so hungry they were down on their knees eating last years grass stubs and the caribou seem to think that my camera was a sign saying heads down ….the eagles photo was taken while truck was in motion but it was not as out of focus as I thought it would be…..they were all busy feeding ….
we made it back home before sunset
it was maddening trying to capture the sunset while truck was moving …we could not stop because of afternoon traffic off base…….but we were back home and happy to have had a beautiful day of travel ….
Still standing MOM …Still Standing

Sad News

The things in life are not always happy or nice….few days after Christmas day our son came by …he had been sick and had not made it to Christmas day here….He dropped a time bomb in our laps and hearts…he was told he had Lymphoma……hearts sank and we just sat there …DSC_0091-002
like the over worked photo my colors of love tried to hold firm as a mother and not fall apart but to hang tight to my faith and mothers concern….
days later now with turning it all over to a higher power …my colors and focus are a tad better …not totally in focus but a lot clearly then that second ….

Flipping WEATHER

All excited packing for the trip…kept telling self not get excited …..this is going to be work and you know it …and it was…hate when I am right ….first it was suppose to be a get away for me and better half …but better half needed a fishing buddy and invited a new friend….. more food and more thought into trip planning …Lots of road construction between here and there…but everything in its own timing….of course we never stopped for any of the animals we saw because we had a plan …well they had a plan….one day …one day ….. any way here are a few of the photos I managed to take around camp …..I learn to use my wide-angle/macro converter lens and did find time to play with tripod ..when I wasn’t cooking or cleaning up around camp….oh yeah we had every type of weather one needed to feel and see on a camping trip….

this is what our camp site looked like …the new friend slept in his car ..wasn’t really into camping …….

above is the view out our screened in camp kitchen area…..

above photo was taken using new lens .. we were on our way home ..of course now we can not stop for better shots because we must get home…some day I will be able to do this my way…see something you want to shoot with camera..stop auto ..get out take shot seen ….even if it takes a little while ..sit and decide if you have gotten the shot you saw when you stopped …get back in auto and move on ALL WE HAVE IS TIME


yet another view of the area using a tripod while at the camp site

hand-held macro of willow leaf budding out …..

macro of grass seed head of last fall…also handheld…..

One of the many many clouds that appeared with each weather changes…snow,sleet,hail,and sunny skies …off now to clean house … I can get ready for another trip….

Lens Travels

For the last few weeks …the cough from hell have held me at bay ….I wanted to travel with my camera …… I did a few times ..but timing clicks between coughs is not fun nor anyway to get sharp photos….we are about to travel my favorite road again …for a few days of tent camping …oh joy …not really I am a more the camper type now that I am older….wiser…and just need things like running water ….places to plugin my things like camera charger and laptop…..such a wimp I am

here are a few things my camera has seen since last I wrote……

beautiful flowers in the local green houses…..

A different type of view of a beautiful  day in the park with my friend Vicky ….. A view on the Denali Highway with my husband …….off now to get things gathered for the trip

The Crossing ……Part One Of Three

Caribou of Alaska crossing one of many streams and rivers to move to breeding ground ….the hunters are gone and the rut is on and they (caribou ) are on the move ….Hubby and I crossed the Denali Highway one last time before winter sits in …It was one of the most exciting trips we have taken in a long time…full of last fall colors,animals eagles and seeing one more time the migration of the caribou………the sounds and smell of great numbers of animals all at once …is more then any camera lens or human eyes can take……the trip was about celebrating 43 years of marriage……..the real date is the 5th of this month but winter coming and bad weather and roads coming we decide to do things earlier and WOW am I happy we did it was one of the most exciting trips across the road in a very long time

Gathering of Mom and Babies.…...Part Two of Three

The sounds of mother caribou calling their babies …the sound of their heels clicking ….the rustle of leaves …..the excitement of my husband and I, as we viewed the migration of animals was more then one can every want….the round trip yesterday was 482 miles of pure joy ..share food, hot coffee…excitement….mud,snow,winds,sounds ,,and quick shots of life….it wasn’t about capturing the awesome photo it was about life…and the photos one keeps in their heart…….watching as mother caribou ran back and fourth calling to their babies …are just standing til the baby caught up to them……

hillside after hillside covered with animals …running …milling around …feeding off the tundra….eagles and raven over head….action every where one looked…..

All Up Hill…..Part Three of Three

Over tundra…uphills…down hills….across rivers,stream…highways of speeding cars and trucks ……hill after hill…not anything gets in their way …they call to each other and sniff the air and on they move ….moving like the wind to their next calling they move
I will never look at the road way again ..after seeing them climb the hill side of the road in places one would never think of seeing and animals travel….so sure footed and so peaceful in their movements…..

All in all the day was one of the most awesome days ….Thank You Dear

Happy 43 years of this type of memories …

Standing Still For Time

Few days back, I was sitting at this computer …looked up to kitchen window…there in the glass was the beginning of sunrise….jumped up,got dressed,grabbed keys to truck … away I went…sky beautiful all the way ….but knew had to reach the flood dike before another minute had passed …arriving at dike it was all different …I now was above the sun …knew I had to wait …the mountains across the dike were beautiful but way to far even for the Nikon sigma 70/300….

So took a few shots anyway in hopes of maybe catching lucky light…..then I waited …trying to decide whether to use big lens or new wide-angle conversion lens….took a few shots with each …decided on large lens and waited …waited waited ….people came and went …forgot jacket ,coffee and tunes to listen to upon leaving house….stood listening to the morn awakening around me on the flood dike,heard birds,speeding cars ,saw a moose off in the distance,….then just as I was about to leave there she was …her rays of light were announcing her grand entrance ….she was about to peek up over the treetops …

I was no longer chilled I was part of her glory ..feeling her warmth and greeting her arrival …..she had again come to the earth to play ….





The Challenge for the photo 30 day Challenge was a photo with a phrase or quote….I took the following shot in a program and used selective coloring and inserted a quot in the dark area…here is the photo before play


Here is the entry


This morn dear friend is rainy with a slight light that gives the fall leaves a semi brightness ….temps in 40’s…wind is playing in tops of trees …still having hard time here with out you ..Shelly and I want you to hurry back…we want you to have fun and get everything done …but we still want you to hurry home… something about three cameras better than two and sure a lot more fun then one lonely camera lens

The Thin Gray Line


I titled the above Changes of Ones Seasons(with out boarders)
Yesterday was a day of reconnecting with a few family members … head and heart spins from the things I learned …were the thoughts and fears of the ones spoken to true..were their thoughts and feelings of things to come really true or fears deep with in their souls…I am like the thin gray lines in the photo …at each junction of one tone to the next is always a thin gray line…the eye does not always see the line but it is there no the less……my fears are always there for all involved but I am not in charge( thank the wisdom of my mother for that one ) but I too see the folly of the one that are…the above photo was my attempt to see the thin gray lines ..I loved the effect so much I decided to frame it so here is the framed version….

I titled the above Changes of Ones Seasonsbound together by frame
When I decided to frame the photo study seem to make the thin gray lines appear closer to the soul of the photo..It is all about a Season Of Change

The Seasons of Change

Death is a funny thing and I don’t mean to laugh at it…I don’t mean funny haha ..I mean it is funny how long it take some to handle the process….some of us cry ..some remember ..some suffer the process is hard and long for many … but no matter how one handles it it is a process of learning…learning to gather courage to go on with out the one or thing that has been lost …. …like the photo what was once green and new and growing is now cold and changing and even though it is beautiful in colors it will soon all be gone without color …colder then even now and barren for a season but then when all hope seems to be forever gone …. a little color begins to appear , then it grows warmer again and then life is …..The seasons of my favorite place is like that …like the seasons of my sorrow and joy …waiting for the season of life to mean more again ….

Moving On

we begin again to move toward our destination …cloud are lifting and sun is playing across the river floor …..we round a bend and off to the side in a little valley is a pond with a beautiful swan and a silly sign on a tree….while Shelly is looking for the best view and shot …Vicky and I are getting a beautiful little song from a sweet little bird sitting on the tree with the silly sign

this silly little sign was so out-of-place ..

sometimes it is the sound and not the photo that count and the photo is just a reminder of the joy and time spent there….
hoping Vicky and Shelly Photos are a little better………..

Black Rapids Glacier is always a great stopping place for photos and in the early spring and summer the many flowers growing in the river bed off the glacier………

I took a close up off the tip of the mountain and did a black and white of it  …I love the effect that black and white has on ice and snow …..

Wish this blog has smell a vision…wow the wind was making this a beautiful stop along the river…I could envision a painter camping here and painting theirs brush down to the brass ….

Moving on down the road we stopped to view the back side of Rainbow Pass…..

while there we visited with a ground squirrel …..who kept disappearing in the grass…..

another photo of the area before we move own …every view is different in the area from pathways of flowers to

to pipeline along the hill-side

On we move and we have not even reached the trip across the road yet we are still in the first of out trip…Are we there yet ?????

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