Raving About Nothing

A trip to town to delivery eggs and stop at bread store…to get day old bread for chicken feed addition…..then on to Clinic to get scripts to take to Va hospital to fill…I always sit in truck and wait ….hospitals and clinic are full of sick people….not a place to go if you are not sick….


we have some of the really smart raven in Fairbanks ….from early age they learn the outline of garbage bags in backs of trucks …they seem to know the difference between an Alaskan suitcase and a bag full of food….


they works in triples …one to find the gem …one to check it out and one to keep the owner for seeing the others steal said person blind….I am always on the look out for them…


I want to spend a day just taking their photos ….seems like when I do have my camera they are just feet out of the shooting range and when I don’t have my camera they are up and close talking then fluffing their head feathers and rolling their awesome eyes


….they are so smart …they have the most beautiful feathers ….and their hip hop walk is so funny to watch….I have seen as many as 50 in the Sam’s Club parking lot walking in a circle and then running at each other…. then they would throw back their heads and open their beaks and jiggle their heads up and down as if they were in some secret meeting of their family


….once saw a raven pick up a smoke that someone had dropped it was still lit the raven swallowed it down than every time he would open his beak out would come smoke or steam …either way it was silly to see….the photos here are of one shot I managed to capture the morning of the trip ….I played in picasa3 program with different ways the photos can look…..


been a long week mom ..but still standing MOM …I AM STILL STANDING


Face Within You

Last time I was out shooting auroras … we were chasing them down the road….this was one I could see a face in the lights but it needed a little help to define and a lot of help to get rid of noise caused from such a high iso setting…..


I played around in Picasa3 for a while then I took it over to another program ….the face within just doesn’t want to be seen straight on by the eyes…..wants to play like a little night imp…


it has beeen a long time since I have had a chance to shoot …ice storms,extreme cloudy nights and just plain out lazy me….the inner me wants to go every night but the old fat lady does not want to move….


the inner face …the inner us…the one screaming for better of times and things…… but not screaming loud enough to make a difference ….


Flaming Not

Sometimes one must just blow out the flame…..the oil lamp collection sits atop my fridge..
..just collecting dust and grease … none have been lit in a long ,long time…..today my cabin fever is like the fading lamps in the second photo…..when one can see clear skies and sun that is returning.. but it is still to damn cold to venture out ….the walls seem to be closing in here in my world….
one just seems to feel every depressing thought ….. caught hanging on tight to the cold air ….color seems to disappear with each drop of the temperatureDSC_0288 …one degree at a time….maybe I should turn out all the lights and light the wicks….

I am still standing MOM ..STILL STANDING …but maybe a little bent over in heart today…..

Into The Woods


  ((“The patriot’s blood is the seed of Freedom’s tree.” ~Thomas Campbell))


I reached back into my photos from way back in to winter ….the woods at Creamer Field reminded me of a place where young men of fighting age could fall and never be seen …I was thinking of battles between the states where brother fought brother over an idea…who fell in the woods …. young men on foreign soil who fell and never returned ….young men in the unmarked tomb …..here is one of my favorite quotes
How sleep the brave, who sink to rest,
By all their country’s wishes blest!
When Spring, with dewy fingers cold,
Returns to deck their hallow’d mould,
She there shall dress a sweeter sod
Than Fancy’s feet have ever trod.
By fairy hands their knell is rung,
There Honour comes, a pilgrim gray,
To bless the turf that wraps their clay;
And Freedom shall awhile repair,
To dwell, a weeping hermit, there.

~William Collins

Fish Out Of WATER

It is finally Spring here in Alaska …like the fish art on the side of the building …I am and have been a fish out of water….can almost see and smell the water …but just don’t seem to get the energy to reach the water…..I stopped blogging back a ways because I was angry at a family member and a very close friend ….. not wanting to pour out angry and misplaced hurt I stopped writing …it would have been too easy to vent…so I went off in another direction
…I bought a new lens and tried to find a new direction ….sort of like the metal fish on the building all I did was search for my waterlou….not finding it I am back here…mean while I have gathered a few ….no-no many different photo to share ….each having a different tale to tell….

these two photos were taken on a day trip with another camera carrying friend on a day of trying to find the missing sun…the art on the building was shinning from the little bit of light we found…I took the photo into a program and played around to get the different effects and moods of the fish OUT OF WATER……

off now to find my WATERLOU…..


**LOOK UP **

Today’s words of 365 challenge group are **LOOK UP **which is what we did the day we went to Fairbanks for a walkabout and photo hunt …..

we looked up at he sky because of the falling snow …..

where we saw Ravens on lamp-post and in trees

we saw clock towers and building of old Fairbanks…..DSC_0017

And just as we were about to leave downtown and the river there she was through the trees as I looked


I took her one more step and added a glow about her ….here is my photo for the challenge


weather is changing by the hour but at least the sun is playing nice on the snow and ice ….


**A Favorite Snack**

Challenge words **A Favorite Snack** not really mine but is a snack kept around house for husband …this one was left in fruit bowl on counter and I need a subject fast……set the shot up on the edge of kitchen counter …stepped back to use micro and then took a few different angles of the old fruit and then took shots into picasa3 and played around a little … mainly just cropped and then played with different looks til I got the finally
take …


Above shot is after the playing around in photo editing program…..

one of the three shots I took of the fruit in the kitchen light ….all shot were taken on a light grey counter and use of over head light and flash ….




Quick and fun to do …but hard to pick which shot to use for challenge …on toward next challenge….. oh yeah all good news on hubby’s last weeks test …now on to ear doctor to get him new hearing aids …so I can get a reprieve from hearing …… “What did yo u say ?” …will be so happy to be one saying ….. “Can you hear me now ?…How about now?”…

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