Walk About

It finally happen ….we both could get together…..even when it looks like we aren’t
talking our cameras are…….we see the same lightDSC_0604 …we hear the same light …yes
hear light …it twirls around your lens and gathers force that makes you click the button that captures and draws the vision into your disks

DSC_0619…I needed the time out and about with like mind ….it was windy,cold to the bone but  very,very sunny …I HAD FUN…thanks Vicky Padgett for an awesome time……she drove us around on very icy roads


…at temps  that belonged at the real north pole …..the walk about  we were not chasing the sun it was standing still for us…..it flickered off the ice and the tips of the trees




finding its way in to the tracks of the animalsDSC_0618


…..we hear airplanes over head  …birds……snowmachiners…..  it was the refreshing day both  for us cabin bound people along with our cameras that are starved for light of day…….but our short visit with the great outdoors and the beautiful sun had to come to a stop….


we had to stop and take photos of the piles of snow around the stop sign DSC_0614

all the little mounds of snow looked like they were waiting to cross the roads…. what a day ..what crazy thoughts ….here is my favorite shot of the day


I am still standing MOM …..I AM STILL STANDING


Away from Here

Sometimes the walls of this house become way to tight…..we waited and waited…. it was either black ice road conditions or extreme temps…. either side of the zero on the gauge can be extremely dangerous…but we finally caught it just right even though it was cold ….really cold….so off we go the wheels on the truck went thump ,thump thump till they warmed up

2015-02-07escape trip

the weather and steam off everything trying to work was amazing….every steam plant was working over time and the thermal pools on the rivers and lakes were steaming up the air….

2015-02-07escape trip2

around every bend in the road was another vista of beauty…..snow covered sun shadowed and sun light were our views …roads were both icy or dry …depending on the bend in the road ….some views many,many,miles away looked like they were sitting in middle of roadway….

2015-02-07escape trip3

the amount of snow and weight of more hoar-frost and the extreme temps made the trees and grasses look like place from another world….. the stop sign seem to even scream Stop Already Winter……the sounds at these temps seems to triple in volume…the crunch of the icy snow seems to have its own music…

2015-02-07escape trip1

we viewed moose and caribou and eagles along the way….the moose were so hungry they were down on their knees eating last years grass stubs and the caribou seem to think that my camera was a sign saying heads down ….the eagles photo was taken while truck was in motion but it was not as out of focus as I thought it would be…..they were all busy feeding ….
we made it back home before sunset
it was maddening trying to capture the sunset while truck was moving …we could not stop because of afternoon traffic off base…….but we were back home and happy to have had a beautiful day of travel ….
Still standing MOM …Still Standing

Heaven Unfurls in Shades of Green

Of late the skies here have been clouds… clouds… more clouds…today those same clouds are emptying snow on our grounds….the temps are in the minus range again and it looks like magic out side….. trees are heavy with snow laden limbs …path ways are no longer paths…… so after cleaning up kitchen and gathering dirty clothes to wash ..I decided to play with old files ….this is one of my faves from the night of the birth of dragon…….


still standing Mom …still standing

By the Light Of the Moon

We were so excited to chase the auroras that night ….little did we know it would spoil us forever ….. on how we viewed auroras afterwards…


what with a full moon and the brightness of the snow and the extreme brightness and colors of the aurora ….what an awesome time…….
often wonder what our elders thought when and if they saw the auroras ….

A Brand New Start

Happy New Year
To all my friends around the world…..this was taken couple days back after a snowstorm here in North Pole ,Alaska ……then a day of winds and drizzle and then more snow all the pretty fluff is gone from the trees ….now they hang bare and covered in ice ….after last night’s drizzle and spitting snow everything is again frozen and the crunch of snow can be heard underfootDSC_0314 again….this morn the sun is trying to appear in the sky and the temps have plunged again to the zero mark….

*Nite* Nite*

Last night the North Pole weather was awesome…..stars and warmer weather and more winter like….it has been raining and a warm high of 39 to 43 across state …..not good for mid January ..all the warmth cause flooding.. avalanches….many many wreaks and some electric outages …but it was back to lower temps and everything was frosty…..so when I looked out side and saw the sky ….I just had to go outside…..

DSC_0095 DSC_0096 DSC_0097

….the city lights reflected off the clouds in one area and the northern lights lit up the sky when I turned the other way….


the new lenses is so cool…now if I can just learn to use it correctly


I must look a site to anyone driving by …woman in heavy-duty parka and flannel pj’s and standing behind a large tripod ….I really wanted a hot cup of coffee and a chair ….but was so happy to get out of house and breathe clean North Pole Air …


the above shot is across the road from our house …I use their light to sit the new lens to infinity…so I can at least get half way good night sky photo…


Into The Woods


  ((“The patriot’s blood is the seed of Freedom’s tree.” ~Thomas Campbell))


I reached back into my photos from way back in to winter ….the woods at Creamer Field reminded me of a place where young men of fighting age could fall and never be seen …I was thinking of battles between the states where brother fought brother over an idea…who fell in the woods …. young men on foreign soil who fell and never returned ….young men in the unmarked tomb …..here is one of my favorite quotes
How sleep the brave, who sink to rest,
By all their country’s wishes blest!
When Spring, with dewy fingers cold,
Returns to deck their hallow’d mould,
She there shall dress a sweeter sod
Than Fancy’s feet have ever trod.
By fairy hands their knell is rung,
There Honour comes, a pilgrim gray,
To bless the turf that wraps their clay;
And Freedom shall awhile repair,
To dwell, a weeping hermit, there.

~William Collins

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