Waiting To Cross

Sometimes one just has to stop and view things from different angle……

I envision the little mounds of snow talking among themselves …..

Bump bump ….hurry up …move on….what is the hold up?….what are we sitting here for …. can we cross now….why are stop signs always red…hey leave me be I was only shaking off some ice…..hey you there you have a five o’clock shadow ….. hey I like your new shape….is it just me are does the new snow make me look bigger…..hey anyone back there willing to step up front I am melting ……
Can you hear them ….maybe I have been locked up inside to long …things just look different in the sunlight…..
Still Standing MOM….I am still standing ….

Face Within You

Last time I was out shooting auroras … we were chasing them down the road….this was one I could see a face in the lights but it needed a little help to define and a lot of help to get rid of noise caused from such a high iso setting…..


I played around in Picasa3 for a while then I took it over to another program ….the face within just doesn’t want to be seen straight on by the eyes…..wants to play like a little night imp…


it has beeen a long time since I have had a chance to shoot …ice storms,extreme cloudy nights and just plain out lazy me….the inner me wants to go every night but the old fat lady does not want to move….


the inner face …the inner us…the one screaming for better of times and things…… but not screaming loud enough to make a difference ….


Away from Here

Sometimes the walls of this house become way to tight…..we waited and waited…. it was either black ice road conditions or extreme temps…. either side of the zero on the gauge can be extremely dangerous…but we finally caught it just right even though it was cold ….really cold….so off we go the wheels on the truck went thump ,thump thump till they warmed up

2015-02-07escape trip

the weather and steam off everything trying to work was amazing….every steam plant was working over time and the thermal pools on the rivers and lakes were steaming up the air….

2015-02-07escape trip2

around every bend in the road was another vista of beauty…..snow covered sun shadowed and sun light were our views …roads were both icy or dry …depending on the bend in the road ….some views many,many,miles away looked like they were sitting in middle of roadway….

2015-02-07escape trip3

the amount of snow and weight of more hoar-frost and the extreme temps made the trees and grasses look like place from another world….. the stop sign seem to even scream Stop Already Winter……the sounds at these temps seems to triple in volume…the crunch of the icy snow seems to have its own music…

2015-02-07escape trip1

we viewed moose and caribou and eagles along the way….the moose were so hungry they were down on their knees eating last years grass stubs and the caribou seem to think that my camera was a sign saying heads down ….the eagles photo was taken while truck was in motion but it was not as out of focus as I thought it would be…..they were all busy feeding ….
we made it back home before sunset
it was maddening trying to capture the sunset while truck was moving …we could not stop because of afternoon traffic off base…….but we were back home and happy to have had a beautiful day of travel ….
Still standing MOM …Still Standing

Thing we do at minus zero temps

We had to take egg to town and pick up chicken food…..these are a few of the shots taken on the trip………

certain places along the trip were heavy with fog and hoar frost……..headlights and fog …you can not see the two cars coming at us with not headlights on…….

tail lights of car in front of us always a good site unless you are traveling to fast…….

headlights coming out of fog on other side of road …makes your heart race for sure…..DSC_0240


then we made it to train yard where bread store is and this came out of fog along side of road…..this one we could see…but the next one we could only hear and the gate was only half way down….scary


eggs delivered and back home …..

Still standing MOM still standing

Chasing The Morn

we have passed the darkness to the return of light …just a few seconds here a few seconds there……
it was fun to put my 70/300mm back on and try to capture photos as the person riding in the auto ….. we had to turn around just a mile up the road the black ice was more than we needed …..but it sure was a pretty day ….


the clouds and winter overcast skies has put a little stop for the northern lights….which is really okay …my new remote arrived and I am learning to set and reset in the darkness and cold…without the rush or the feel of being rushed to capture the next flare….I AM SO EXCITED IT EVEN WORKS WITH MY HANDS IN MY POCKET ….WE ARE COOKING NOW ….

Night Light At Home

Missed the main show ….but managed to capture a few shot of band aurora over the garage……the bright moon lights up everything …did not even need a flashlight to make adjustments to camera….some times mother nature is so kind….I know in my heart I was only supposed to see the red with my eyes and heart …. because I really need to have all my eggs in the basket with cover on before the real storm….


Last night my remote with timer arrived…..still learning how to set the timer and change the setting …later today will go in dark room and try to learn how to do it in the dark…..can hardly wait to try it out…..now back to important things like getting the focus down ….

Above us All

Sometimes just looking above the subject one gets a different idea……taken straight up with camera into the clouds that night..


..hoping for new and different angles now that I have a new tripod…….old tripod is held together with wire ties and bolts …but it is one tough tripod ……both new tripod feels cheap but were not ….now I await the arrival of new remote timer…..

Becoming the Color of Life

I held a moment in my hand, brilliant as a star, fragile as a flower, a tiny sliver of one hour. I dripped it carelessly, Ah! I didn’t know, I held opportunity.

~Hazel Lee

45 years ago in his mother’s front yard he said “I am going to marry you someday soon.” and he did …we got married Oct. 5,1968 …at 2 pm in a local pastors front parlor…. with both  our families around us….many happy as well as unhappy,lonely days and nights as a military wife …but through it all we survived and still stand together today 45 years later…..



sometimes…. one just has to grab the magic and hang on tight …..because you never know when you will become the color of someones  life….

DSC_0173Thank you Blue eyes for  becoming my color in life….45 years ago……may we see another 45 together ……

The Harder I Try

Went to the open house of Alaska Railroad a few weeks back…I never attend things like this for many reasons…but was ask to go and it was free so we went…happy I went but it was just as expected …over priced and loud and crowed with people…..


babies crying because they lost their balloons..hot because our first heat of the season had returned to Alaska…to many signs but not enough clear directions….but there were some interesting things to see my favorite was not the trains but a family bike


this caught my eyes and camera lens because of all the seating…and all the neat things hanging off the bike…mittens..helmets …but most of all the thoughts of family and love ….caring for each one’s safety and the fact that there was no fear attached to the transportation…it was safe and sound surrounding the bike…one could feel the bounder of angels guarding the bike….I sat watching the bike for a long time….people walked way around the bike as if a circle of protection had been sat up around the area…the family that spends that much effort to be together is awesome the my eyes and must be awesome in the eyes of the angels of protection around the family ….


family was the theme at the open house for sure….found this little ditty hanging at the main entrance of the station….my thoughts were about the colors and the design and the fact that it was at the entrance …lately my thoughts have turned to failing as a parent and as a photographer ….seems the harder one tries the more mistakes this one makes ……I am still standing Lord ..I AM STILL STANDING

Swing High Swing Low

“All our lives we are engaged in preserving our experiences and keeping them fresh by artificially sprinkling the water of memory over them. They have ceased to retain their original smell and fragrance. Do you call it life— this effort at the preservation of a phantom freshness in something that is withered and gone?” ~Vimala Thakar



the night before my mom passed there was a big fight among all us kids….really a silly blow up over nothing …nothing …but it was enough to bring everyone to their breaking point …when it came time to tell my mom I was sorry … I decided not to sleep that night … for hours I sang to her and talked to her even though her eyes were closed…I promised her that if I was there when she passed …..I would sing her across … I did sing her across the following night …

this photo was taken a few days after her funeral..everytime I look at it …… I remember how many times after her death I would see a swing …sometimes it would be swinging in the wind and others it would be hanging broken …but it always took me back to why I picked the song to sing to her that night…..
When I was a little girl we lived with my grandmother ….the only friend we had lived across the street….she lived with her grandmother as well….her grandmother had two porch swings on her front porch …we could play on the swings as long as we did not jump out of them….we would take and swing back and forth toward each other and sing .Swing High …Swing Low..singing higher with each level of the swing ……my mom would be sitting across the road sitting on my grandmothers glider swing and she would call us home by saying …..girls let the Angels in Jordan go to sleep now ..it is time to come home ….when I look at the photo even the chains that keep it hanging in the tree remind me of the ties to the pass …the notes of the song will never leave my heart …..I hope there are trees and swings in heaven ….and angels singing swing high ..swing low

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