Cleaning …oh No ,,no,,no

What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is — is it the task itself, or something more?is the daily prompt …..for over eleven months I have been helping my aunt get her house ready for sale… the water drops in the photos ….many many things have happen….I have learned I am a hoarder …and so is my Aunt

like the many…many …drops we have crafted our selves into pack-rat status….we managed to clean her house ….pack and repack…sort and resort …drop by drop I carried home things I could not let be thrown away …only to find myself now in need of a cleaning person …. day by day ….month by month the things piled up in my studio….

then I cleaned and sorted for a few weeks my studio ….things are put away and stacked and sorted into neat piles… the patterns formed by the falling water drops…but I find myself hating cleaning my house ….while my aunt’s house is picture perfect….the one job I hate…truly hate is dishes …I have hated them since I was a teenager…but whenever I go to help my aunt that is the first thing I find myself doing….because she hates to do dirty dishes…when she was little they had to carry water from outside …heat it on the stove and they made the water last all day ….she hated the feel of the water as the day wore on and the dishes mounted up….myself I hate the dishes because as the oldest …I got off the bus each day…cleaned up the breakfast dishes…watched the younger sister and brothers ….help finish dinner and then washed the dishes and then tried to get my home work…I hated the time standing at the sink ….to this day I will let the dishes pile up …til we are out of dishes …but can not let them pile up in my aunt’s house….

As each drop fills the sink and makes the dish soap bubble up…I have to wonder if there will be dishes in heaven ….and if I will have to do other people’s dishes while there….


Yellow Center

The yellow center of my mom’s white roses ..I cropped the old photo and played around in a program tiring to find the smell of home today… it wasn’t found but the trip back to the days after her passing were….wandering around the house and the yard trying to capture thing to remember in the days and years to come…


the roses in front of the house so near to her bedroom window…the lite smell of the white rose as the sun-dried the morning dew off the petals….things I needed to capture but now my fear of my mothers yard ….but a fear  held me at bay… I had lived in Alaska way to long and the now fear of snakes and bugs made me think hard about where my feet were…this was the same yard that I had ran barefoot as a child and never even thought of snakes or bugs…..but now there was a fear of things hidden … there was no mother or father to protect me ….

…dad and mom were gone the house was empty and the land was strange to the touch and feel of my hands and feet..I needed the capture of silly things to shoot with my lens…her flowers… the trees… .sheds …even the big rock in the yard…all needed to be captured for days like today ….days when I need to return home ..
The smell of roses on a photo just aren’t the same but the memories the photo brings to the eyes and heart are ….like the red bird in the next photo .my dad called him pretty boy…he or his children sang at the back door of my mom and dads house ….my home … for days after mom’s passing he sang on the top of the little shed ….the photo brings back the sound and smells of HOME…


*Nite* Nite*

Last night the North Pole weather was awesome…..stars and warmer weather and more winter like….it has been raining and a warm high of 39 to 43 across state …..not good for mid January ..all the warmth cause flooding.. avalanches….many many wreaks and some electric outages …but it was back to lower temps and everything was frosty… when I looked out side and saw the sky ….I just had to go outside…..

DSC_0095 DSC_0096 DSC_0097

….the city lights reflected off the clouds in one area and the northern lights lit up the sky when I turned the other way….


the new lenses is so cool…now if I can just learn to use it correctly


I must look a site to anyone driving by …woman in heavy-duty parka and flannel pj’s and standing behind a large tripod ….I really wanted a hot cup of coffee and a chair ….but was so happy to get out of house and breathe clean North Pole Air …


the above shot is across the road from our house …I use their light to sit the new lens to infinity…so I can at least get half way good night sky photo…



IMG_1229blue IMG_1230blue

I AM SO FAR BEHIND…. IF I STOP NOW I WILL FINALLY SEE THE LIGHT …I have meant to blog more …but instead I have gone none stop helping my aunt downsize to get ready to move …I have traveled across state three times with aunt and a friend…also managed to do Thanksgivings and Christmas and New Years…all which I will soon write about …….I PICKED THE TWO PHOTOS THAT A FRIEND TOOK OF ME BACK IN THE BEGINNING OF WINTER….I LOVE THE STARK BLUE GLOVES IN ALL THE DREARY WINTER COLOR….PHOTOS DONE BY MANYWINTERS

p.s. sorry about caps my laptop is having a keyboard day and I have not figured it out …time to clean out laptop…more later…


Becoming the Color of Life

I held a moment in my hand, brilliant as a star, fragile as a flower, a tiny sliver of one hour. I dripped it carelessly, Ah! I didn’t know, I held opportunity.

~Hazel Lee

45 years ago in his mother’s front yard he said “I am going to marry you someday soon.” and he did …we got married Oct. 5,1968 …at 2 pm in a local pastors front parlor…. with both  our families around us….many happy as well as unhappy,lonely days and nights as a military wife …but through it all we survived and still stand together today 45 years later…..



sometimes…. one just has to grab the magic and hang on tight …..because you never know when you will become the color of someones  life….

DSC_0173Thank you Blue eyes for  becoming my color in life….45 years ago……may we see another 45 together ……

The Harder I Try

Went to the open house of Alaska Railroad a few weeks back…I never attend things like this for many reasons…but was ask to go and it was free so we went…happy I went but it was just as expected …over priced and loud and crowed with people…..


babies crying because they lost their because our first heat of the season had returned to Alaska…to many signs but not enough clear directions….but there were some interesting things to see my favorite was not the trains but a family bike


this caught my eyes and camera lens because of all the seating…and all the neat things hanging off the bike…mittens..helmets …but most of all the thoughts of family and love ….caring for each one’s safety and the fact that there was no fear attached to the transportation…it was safe and sound surrounding the bike…one could feel the bounder of angels guarding the bike….I sat watching the bike for a long time….people walked way around the bike as if a circle of protection had been sat up around the area…the family that spends that much effort to be together is awesome the my eyes and must be awesome in the eyes of the angels of protection around the family ….


family was the theme at the open house for sure….found this little ditty hanging at the main entrance of the station….my thoughts were about the colors and the design and the fact that it was at the entrance …lately my thoughts have turned to failing as a parent and as a photographer ….seems the harder one tries the more mistakes this one makes ……I am still standing Lord ..I AM STILL STANDING

First Real PHOTO Request

One of the neighbors called to asks if I would come over and use their camera phone and take some family photos of their Memorial Day get together…did them one better took my cameras and went over to get as many shots as I could…filled up two disks …..of course the Alaska sun was way bright and hot …. here is one of three of my special picks

I came home and cropped and took out as much shadows as possible ..and make three disks for the family …we viewed the disks together and I showed them how to order prints and how to remove my mark..thinking future shoots will be happening

letting them decide where they wanted everyone …this was one of their favorites ..can we say attitude and love ???


loved capturing little ones enjoying the day …getting ready for next get together …

had fun and learned a lot …what to look for ..what to capture ….what to watch for …yes most of the shots were not good but they were full of learning and the families ended up with more than one shot of a get together …one of their comments was they had fun …they had done professional shoots before and hated being told where and what they could do …learning to listen is really a great thing to do

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